Arts Stream Career Option after 12th: Check Jobs, Salary

Arts Stream Career Option after 12th: Many candidates after completing their 12th standard get confused about their career option. Nowadays there are many career options available for all the candidates. They can choose the field as per their interest. There are many fields for candidates who are willing to opt for their preferred course. Now candidates choose their subjects according to what career they want to go for in the future. There are many career options for students.

There is a number of courses for all the candidates who are in 12th Standard or have just passed 12th class. If you want to get information about which career you should step in then you are on the correct page. Read the full article to know more about it,

Arts Stream Career Option after 12th

There are many students in School who get confused about their career plans. If you have completed your 12th from Arts then you will get all the related information about which career you should choose for your future.

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Career Options After 12th

There are many career options after the 12th. Below is the list of careers that students can opt for. Check your career option.

  1. Bacheolers Of Arts – Bacheolers of Arts is one of the most known and popular career option it is three years graduation course for all the students. Many studens opt BA as a career option because there is lot of job opportunity in this this course. Students can do different types of specilization in this course like in psychology, history, economics, journalism, mass communication and many more. Students will get many job opportunity from this course like like entertainment, media, academic. You can also apply for any private job as well as any government job through this career
  2. Bacheoler Of Fine Arts- All the students who have completed their 12th standard from Arts they can opt for bacheolers in Fine Arts. This is best option for students studied from art side, students who are very creative in their way will fit for the course. This course is also of three years, there are many career options through this course like animation, creative writting, architecture, drawing, drama, film making, music, dance, and many more. There are number of career options for all the students, who choose fine arts as there course after 12th.
  3. Bacheolers of Business Administration ( B.B.A) – BBA is very popular course among students, many students choose this course as their career. The most interesting fact about this course is that students from science, commerce and art side can also choose this course as their career.It is 3 year course for all the aspirant students who want to make their career plan from this course. There are many career opportunity from this course like sales, marketing, finance, hospitality, HR marketing, and many more. There are plenty of job opportunity from this course, students can persue this course for three years or they can also choose to tcomplete course through correspondance. Students who are planning to start their business in any department then for that also this is the best career option for them.
  4. Integrated Law Course (B.A + LLB) – B.A + LLB itself is a very reputed course. Many students choose law course as their career. Students who have participated in many debate competitions in their school life and are very interested in public speakig then this is the best course for them. This is the two combined course one is B.A (Bacheolers of Arts and another one is LLB (Bacheolers of Legislative Law) this is 5 year course for all the aspirant students. Students persuing these course have very good opportunities from this course. Students will cover subjects like – economics, history, sociology, human rights etc. students who has opt for B.A + LLB course will be able to sit for the Bar Council of India Exam. Through this exam students will get license of practicing Law.
  5. Bacheolers of Journalism and Mass Communication- Mass communication is also one of the most adventerious course, students can opt for this course if they are more into public speaking. This coure is for 3 years, there will be 6 semester in the three year of course. There are many job opportunity in this field llike in electronic media, print media, radio, Public relation, advertising, television, writting, film making, cinematography, and many more. This is very creative course for all the creative students who are creative from their mind and can do different things in these field. All the career option in this field required creativity, students also get opportunity in many news channels as an anchor, writer, camera person, editor etc.
  6. Bacheoler of Fashion Designing- This course is very interesting and very fasinating for all the aspirant candidates who love to design and creat their own designs. This is 3 year course for all the students, you just need to be very creative. From this course you will be able to enter the fashion indusry and do more creative stuff from your creative mind. There are many job opportunity from this course like clothes designing, shoes designing, jewellery designing,etc. Through this you can create many trending designs for any of the above options.
  7. Bacheoler of Hotel Management- If you are thinking what to do after 12th then you can also opt for hotel management option. Nowadays HM is also one of the most known and searched career option, students who are interested in cooking or in hospitality can opt for this course. This is 3 to 4 year course, there are many job opportunity for candidates persuing for this course like meeting and event planner, hotel manager, accomodation manager, food service manager, sales manager etc. Through this course students will also get their skills better in communication, coustmer handeling, interpersonal skill etc.

Salary Package for Arts Stream Career Option after 12th

Name of the courseSalary package
Bachelors Of Arts Approx Rs.18,000 – 25,000
Bachelor Of Fine Arts Approx Rs.599,825
Bachelors of Business Administration ( B.B.A) Approx Rs.3.35 lakhs per annum
Integrated Law Course (B.A + LLB) Approx Rs 2 – 3 lakhs per annum
Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communications Approx Rs 3.95 lakhs per annum
Bachelor of Fashion Designing Around Rs.23,300 per month
Bachelor of Hotel Management Approx Rs. 2.7 lakhs per year

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