Badge 99’s Free Fire ID: Check K/D Ratio, Rank, Monthly Income in February 2022

Badge 99’s Free Fire ID: Today’s generation is all about digitalisation especially when it comes to gaming platforms. According to statistics, the Indian gaming sector has seen a tremendous increase in the gaming creators from 250 million to 400 million players between 2018-2020. After the ban on PubG, games like Free Fire, Call of Duty were able to grab the attention of the consumers which increased their demand in the market.

Many players were able to make their own identity by getting successful in various winning tournaments or creating videos about the game background or their personal experiences which were related to the game. Today, we are going to talk about one of the famous gaming creators who frequently posts videos of Garena Free Fire and that name is ‘Badge 99’. To know more about this Youtuber profile, keep reading this article.

Badge99 Free Fire Id

Badge 99’s Free Fire ID

Bharath Singh who is famous as ‘Badge 99’ do the live stream on his youtube channel about India’s most loved digital game called the Free Fire which helps his viewers to collect information about changes, upgration in the game. His fun commentary and alluring voice keep the viewers engaged in the video. The gamer has inspired many young creators to share their thoughts about different kinds of games. Inside this post, our team has tried their best to share with you the information related to Badge 99’s Free Fire, K/D Ratio, Monthly Income and many more.

Badge 99 Free Fire ID: Synopsis

Real Name Bharath Singh
Nick Name Badge 99
Age 20 years (tentative)
Profession Youtuber, Gamer
Nationality Indian
Category Article
Marital Status Single
ResidentNainital, Uttarakhand
Total Subscribers 8.68M

Badge 99 Free Fire UID ID & Lifetime Stats

  • UID ID: As per the rules of the Free Fire, player have to create their separate identity and will be referred with that name only. Every player choose unique name for them which makes them different from others and also catches other players attention. The id number through which gamers can find their favourite player while playing the Free Fire is ‘317768081’ and the guild name is HAWK BADGE. The main advantage of the id number & game name is players can easily get located without any wasteage of time.
  • Stats: Under this section, we’ve provided the table about all the games which Badgee 99 has played since he started playing the Free Fire, so go through it carefully as it will help you in understanding more about the youtuber.

Squad Stats:

Games 8719
Win percentage 17.51
Wins 1519
Kills 23995
K/D ratio3.33

Solo Stats

Games 1151
Win percentage 7.29
Wins 84
Kills 2848
K/D ratio 2.67

Duo Stats

Games 2009
Win percentage 187
Wins 9.30
Kills 4350
K/D ratio 2.40

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Badge 99 Youtube Channel

Badge 99 joined youtube back in the year Jan 08th 2016 and uploaded his first gaming video in 2019 on his youtube channel. Till now, he has uploaded more than 400 videos on his youtube channel and have millions of subscribers. He has another youtube channel with the same name only where he shares about new weapons, how to use them and their benefits. The majority of his videos cross millions of views which makes him one of the famous gaming YouTubers as compared to freshers.

Badge 99 Income

Currently, we don’t have any information regarding the YouTuber’s monthly income but it can be assumed that he earns around $15.2k-$243.9k per month from his youtube channel. Apart from his youtube video, he also earns from sponsorships and other pieces of stuff. After calculating all the kinds of stuff, it can be estimated that the yearly income of youtube is around $64.8k and $1million.

About Badge 99 Personal Life

There is a famous proverb called ‘Dreams Come True when Passion finds its way’ following this proverb a small YouTuber named ‘Bharath Singh’ started a small youtube channel with the aim of sharing his experience regarding the Free Fire game but what he didn’t know was that destiny has different plans for him. When he started his youtube channel in 2016, he didn’t receive the response that he was excepting from his viewers but his enthusiasm and interest in the game didn’t let him quit the channel and give up.

He decided to again resume his channel and along with his videos, he started to explain about the game’s weapons and started sharing his personal life experiences with his viewers. The reason why he didn’t give up was that he wanted to be an inspiration for the creators who are in the gaming sector and want to make their own identity.

According to Bharath, if any individual wants to achieve something in any sector then they’ve to prepare themselves mentally only then they will be able to enjoy their success. As per the sources, Badge 99 is soon going to make his debut on the OTT platforms in one of the major roles. He loves acting so it’s a golden opportunity for him to showcase his other talent in front of the world. Currently, he is working very hard for his 10 million Diamond Play Button from youtube.

Badge 99 ESports

Bharath has also formed his ESports team and named it ‘Badge99 ESports’ and the team is winning millions of hearts by winning many championships and games such as Codashop, Snapdragon etc. The team was able to score 7th place in ESPL season 2 which was powered by India Today Gaming.

About Free Fire

Garena Free Fire, also known as Free Fire is a royal battle game created by 111dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and IOS. After the ban on PubG, it became quite famous among teenagers and were able to set up a record with over 150 million daily active users globally. As per the figures, the game has grossed over $1 billion worldwide in the year 2019.

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Final Words

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