BGMI Lite Release Date News, Pre Registration, APK Site and Download

BGMI Lite Release Date News: With the success of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the development and release of BGMI LIte for Indian users is on cards. Through this article, we are there to provide the latest update on BGMI Lite Pre Registration, Release Date, APK Site, and Download procedure.

About Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite

Recently on 2nd July 2021, the Krafton video game holding company released the highly awaited Battlegrounds Mobile India, a renamed and customized version of the former game – Players unknown Battlegrounds India (PUBG India). Upon its release only in India, the game received a positive reception from users all across India garnering praise for its exclusive maps, combats, and gameplay. Now the talks are going on regarding the Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite which will turn out to be a lighter version of BGMI consuming less disk space and lighter features than the full version.


BGMI Lite App Release Date News- Overview

Check out the BGMI Lite key highlight table located below:

Article Name BGMI Lite Release Date, Pre Registration, APK Site, and Download
Game Name Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite
DeveloperKrafton Inc.
Version NameBGMI LITE
Release DateCheck Below
Article Type Game
Official Website

BGMI Lite Update

Back days when PUBG India was not banned, it had a heavy database that was available in the Play store with a primary game size of more than 2 GB. This used to extend more than the actual size once downloaded in the device and add on to the purchase of more features. This seems unlikely to be in near future now for Battlegrounds Mobile India which has a size of 684 MB currently into the Play Store almost equivalent to PUBG Lite.

However, once the Actual database of Battlegrounds Mobile India exceeds and consumes more space, the KRAFTON Game developers shall soon come out with the BGMI LITE version in near future. As of now, there has been no confirmation received from the KRAFTON regarding the BGMI Lite Release date.

BGMI Lite Pre Registration

As per the speculations are concerned since there has been the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India already on 2nd July 2021. Therefore there are probably fewer chances that KRAFTON would go with the Pre Registration of BGMI Lite which ultimately will be less prone to early beta access. However, KRAFTON shall directly go with the release of the Fuller version of the BGMI Lite for android devices. Although for the information of the users who had the account registered in the PUBG India will eventually be able to transfer their data directly into the BGMI India / BGMI India Lite version (Once released) thus making the users available for the pre-registration rewards.

Battlegrounds Mobile Lite APK Download

Although BGMI Lite Future is at speculation, for now, we are there to provide you with the procedure to Download the BGMI Lite quite similar to the BGMI :

BGMI lLite Download website
  • Once the homepage lands upon the screen , you will see the BG appearing with INDIA KA BATTLEGROUNDS LITE
  • Just click on the Download Now button appearing on the bottom of the same.
  • Two sub options of BGMI and BGMI Lite would appear.
  • Select the BGMI Lite and the BGMI Lite APK Download Link file will start downloading on your Android device.
BGMI Lite APK Download


  • Go to the Play store
  • Type “BGMI Lite” in the search bar
  • Once the game will be launched officially , its apk will appear on the screen.
  • Just click on the install button to start downloading the BGMI LITE .
  • Once the BGMI Lite version installs on your device, register yourself and start playing the Battle Royale.

Also Check :

BGMI Lite Redeem Code

Until Now the Redemption centre has not been specifically available for the Battlegrounds Mobile India users. However, since the ban upon the former PUBG version, the BGMI/ BGMI Lite users can still visit the PUBG Redemption centre in order to obtain the Latest Redeem codes by the time the official redemption site releases for the BGMI Redemption.

PUBG Mobile

All the PUBG Lite Gamers will need to do is to go with the following procedure :

  • Visit the PUBG Mobile official website
  • Go through the Redemption centre section
BGMI Code Redeem centre
  • Provide these asked details inside :
    • Character ID
    • Redemption Code
    • Verification code
  • At last click on the Redeem Button and the codes will be redeemed successfully .

BGMI Lite Helpdesk Support

All the Gamers of BGMI and the awaiting ones of BGMI Lite can contact the Support system of Battlegrounds India. The BGMI Lite Support System is there to ensure to resolve the general issues pertaining to Payments, account ban, system update, server connection, gameplay, rewards, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BGMI Lite available on the Play Store?

No! BGMI Lite is neither available on the Play Store nor the Official BGMI website.

Has the BGMI Lite officially been released?

No! Only the BGMI Full version is available currently that too for Android users.

When will the BGMI Lite version be launched?

As the KRAFTON has not released any new notification regarding the future of BGMI Lite , the game freaks will need to wait until the new release date of BGMI Lite drops in.

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