BSF Rank Wise Salary 2023; In-hand salary, pay scale and allowance

BSF Rank Wise Salary 2023: What will be the salary? This is the most common question that comes to every candidate who applies for a job whether it’s in the private sector or the government sector. We can’t deny the fact that in a country like India where the population is in crores and the prices of necessary goods & services are reaching the sky then getting greedy for government isn’t a big issue.

Dear reader, if you are young and want to obey the call of your country by making a career in BSF as a Gazetted Officer or Non-Gazetted then check out this article as you will complete details linked with the BSF rank as well as their salary 2023.


BSF Rank Wise Salary 2023

Since 1947, BSF which is an acronym for Border Security Force is India’s border guarding organisation that guards the country’s border with Pakistan and Bangladesh. BSF is one of the seven Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) in India and comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Millions of BSF soldiers sacrifice their sleep so that people like us can sleep tension free at night. To encourage their motivation, the government promotes them on daily basis and also gives them extra facilities. In the following sections, the details about the ranks along with their salary are shared below.

BSF Rank Wise Salary

BSF Rank Structure

To understand the pay scale, you need to understand the ranking structure first at force. Under this section, we’ve explained the structure of rank allotted to candidates belonging to Gazetted & Non-Gazetted posts. Check out the particulars mentioned in the table below:

  • For Gazetted Post:
Director General
Special Director General
Additional Director General
Inspector General
Deputy Inspector General
Deputy Commandant
Assistant Commandant

From the above table, it can be understood that Director General is the highest rank under Gazetted post and it is DG only who looks after every department divided into various zones.

  • Non-Gazetted Post:
Subedar Major
Asst. Sub-Inspector
Head Constable

Promotion in non-gazetted post commences with Constable and ends with Subedar Major.

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BSF Rank Wise Salary 2023

The salary of the BSF soldier is assigned as per their rank and extra things assigned to them by the government like grade pay & pay band. As the author of this article, I must teach you about the total salary which forces soldiers gets in their hands. Examine the table shared below:

Rank Name Pay Band Grade Pay Total Pay
Director General Apex Scale
Special Director General ₹37,400 to ₹67,000₹12,000₹1,05,000
Additional Director General ₹37,400 to ₹67,000₹12,000₹1,05,000
Inspector General₹37,400 to ₹67,000₹10,000₹95,000
Deputy Inspector General₹37,400 to ₹67,000₹8,900₹85,000
Commandant₹37,400 to ₹67,000₹8,700₹82,000
Second-in-Commandant₹15,600 to ₹39,100₹7,600₹73,000
Deputy Commandant₹15,600 to ₹39,100₹6,600₹65,000
Assistant Commandant₹15,600 to ₹39,100₹5,400₹52,000
Subedar Major₹9,300 to ₹34,800₹4,800₹45,000
Inspector₹9,300 to ₹34,800₹4,600₹40,000
Sub-Inspector₹9,300 to ₹34,800₹4,200₹35,000
Asst. Sub-Inspector₹9,300 to ₹34,800₹2,800₹31,000
Head Constable₹5,200 to ₹20,200₹2,400₹27,000
Constable₹5,200 to ₹20,200₹2,000₹23,000
Enrolled Follower ₹4,400 to ₹7,440₹1,300₹18,000

BSF Salary Wise Allowance

Along with the basic pay, the BSF employees also get incentives from time to time from the government. In the following pointers, we’ve listed the allowances assigned to the employees:

  • House Rent Allowance.
  • Transport Allowance.
  • Dearness Allowance.
  • Medical Facility.
  • Canteen Facility.
  • Loan Facility.
  • Casual Leave Allowance.
  • Daily Allowance.

How to define Pay Band, Grade Pay & Basic Pay in BSF?

After learning about the amount given to candidates under Pay Band, Grade Pay & Basic Pay. It’s now time to understand their definition which can be collected from the pointers available below:

  • Pay Band: The pay band is the amount of salary which the employee receives in their account per month. At the time of joining, the salary of the soldier is the lowest and increases after they get promoted to the next designation.
  • Basic Pay: Basic pay is the amount paid to the soldiers before any increase or decrease of any bonus, allowance or overtime. If the soldier is appointed on a pay scale, then the basic pay may increase annually or remains fixed.
  • Grade Pay: The BSF soldiers are divided into various classes and thus, the grade pay is paid based on the category of the soldier. The sum of grade pay & basic pay calculates dearness allowances & other allowances.

Steps to download BSF Rank-wise payslip 2023

All the BSF can check their respective payslip through an online medium with the help of the process available below:

  • Commence the process by opening the Border Security force official portal (
  • Tick on the ‘Pay/GPF’ tab available on the right side of the page.
  • The login page will get open.
  • Submit the details asked on the page.
  • Then tick on the ‘Login’ option.
  • BSF Payslip
  • Wait for a few minutes until the loading gets complete.
  • Once the loading process will conclude, your payslip will appear on the screen.
  • Finish the process by downloading the pdf file and taking out its printout.

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