CBSE Class 12th Exam will be canceled or Not? Board Final Decision Latest News

CBSE class 12th Exam will be canceled or Not? Now a day’s one question that keeps on disseminates on every student’s mind is that Will CBSE Cancel its class 12th Examination or not? Or it will be postponed further for a few months or weeks? Due to this, there is a number of rumors surfacing at the various social media platform that CBSE has scrapped the 12th examination but the truth is no decision on this has been taken by the board yet and they deny all these speculations categorically.

Students, parents, opposition party leader and activist across the country all are demanding that the board should cancel their class 12th examination because the current situation arises due to COVID is not good at all to conduct the examination, and a plea to cancel the same has also been filed in the SC that the board exam should be canceled.

On the other side, the board is going to hold a meeting by the end of May 2021 with the ministry of HRD to take the final decision on whether they should conduct the exam or not

Message for students and parents: As the board has denied that they have not taken any decision regarding the conduction of examination and urge students and parents not to fall prey on such rumors and they said that, if we came to any conclusion then we share the same with you through the public domain.

CBSE Class 12th Exam will be cancelled or Not

CBSE Class 12th Exam Canceled or Not?

As you all know that CBSE has rescheduled its Class 12th examination which is to be conducted in June 2021 whose schedule is to be announced after considering the situation. But now due to the surge in COVID-19 cases parents and students are frightened and now from every part of the country, they all are protesting regarding its conduction and demanding that the board should cancel the examination.

As we can see, the current situation is not conducive for CBSE to conduct an examination on such a big scale and as per reports, the ongoing covid is more susceptible to the age group of below 18. But the final decision on this is to be taken by the ministry and the board itself and we know they cannot put lakhs of students and their parent’s life in danger.

There are so many experts and reports which have their own opined regarding the examination but as we said the decision is yet to unfold. It is expected that the board will not scrap the class 12th examination instead they will look into a new way like the assessment scheme introduced for class 10th.

Parents and students are curious to know whether CBSE Class 12th Exam canceled or not?

The second wave of COVID-19 is so lethal as compared to the previous year resulting in more than 3 lakh active cases are being reported daily across the nation and the vaccination drive is still not in its fullest and shortage of vaccination is conspicuous to everyone and students who are going to appear for the examination have not vaccinated yet.

But the way CBSE categorically denied that they are not going to cancel the board examination, from this we can expect that chances of exam cancelation are very low.

What if CBSE didn’t cancel its Class 12th Examination?

If the board and ministry have made its decision that they are not going to cancel the examination then what are the ways in which they can look upto to conduct the examination? The very first step is similar to the one they took for class 10th students. In which students will be promoted to the next class based on their performance in the internal and pre-board examination and the one who is not happy with marks can appear for the examination.

The second one is that they can push the examination date further for a few months so that they can further examine whether they can conduct the examination or not just as they did last year. If they have to resort to this, then they need to increase the number of examination centers and make sure that the precautionary measure at the exam center should be of high standards so that parents can send their children without any fear.

Also, they can look upon online examination but this option is not going to help everyone because there is a number of students who lived in a hamlet where a mobile network is hard to found so you can’t think about the online examination in such places.

CBSE Class 12th Exam Canceled or Not Students are in dilemma

We don’t know at the end of the day which way the wind is blowing but we can understand what the students are going through and what’s their state of mind is. Since the beginning of their session, they hardly went to school because of COVID and they do rely on online classes for their studies which are not good enough for them.

And now when they are preparing their mind for examination the second wave of COVID 19 hit hard due to which the government has to imposed lockdown in every state because of this students are now in dilemma whether they should prepare for their examination or not but we would like to advice all the students just to be positive and keep calm and hope for the best.

CBSE 12th New Time Table 2021 Revised

How to check the latest update about CBSE Class 12th Board Examination Time Table?

We would like to inform all board students that the board has not taken any decision whether they are going to conduct the examination or not and they keep avoid any fake messages or posts claiming that the board has postponed or canceled the examination.

The best way to get the latest information regarding the board examination is to connect with the official and it can be done easily by visiting the CBSE board website or you can also visit their Twitter handle for the latest information also you can go through the HRD ministry Twitter handle for any information.

Also they can rely on us because we share only authentic information received from the official source or their portal.

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