CFMS Haryana Login- Salary Slip, Pension

CFMS Haryana Login: The Haryana Government has launched a CFMS online portal. This refers to the Centralized File Movement and Tracking Information System (CFMS). It is beneficial to all the government servants working under various departments of the organization. This system provides various services to its users. If you are working in the government sector then this article will be helpful for you. Read the complete article to know the details of the CFMS Haryana Login.

About CFMS Haryana Login

The Centralized File Movement and Tracking Information System have been designed in a sense to make the faster movement of the files within the departments. This also helps in determining the status of the file as it is now trackable. In this digital era, such systems are required for enhancing the work environment which eventually leads to the effectiveness and efficiency of the work. To get the benefits of this web-based system, the employees have to login into the official portal first.

With this, the employees can download their electronic salary slips and get many other services as well. Many departments of the government of Haryana such as the Chief Minister’s Office, Chief Secretary Office, PWD(B&R), Public Health, Police, Finance Haryana, and more are already using this web portal system CFMS.

CFMS Haryana Login

In this article, we will focus on how to login into the portal of CFMS and its uses. Since providing all the information in just one paragraph can confuse all our readers, that is why we have split up the information into relevant headings. Continue to read the article to know all the features and benefits of the web-based CFMS.

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CFMS Haryana login: Overview

Title of the Article CFMS Haryana Login
Full-Form Centralized File Movement and Tracking Information System
Also known as CFMS and CeFMaTIS
Launched By Government of Haryana
DepartmentFinance Department
Designed and Maintained By National Informatics Centre, Haryana
BeneficiariesEmployees working in government sectors
ServicesServices related to salary slips, pensions, and more.
Official Portal

Salient Features Of CFMS Haryana CeFMaTIS

To fully understand the concept, one must go through all of its important features. Hence, we prepared a list of all the important attributes that define the CFMS working system. These points are written in simple language to enhance the level of understanding:

  • Login Platform – The user will have to log in in order to use the service.
  • Centralized Database – All the database is concentrated on a centralized server which can be accessed by the concerned officer from anywhere.
  • Effective Security – Its High-level security prevents the tampering of the file content.
  • File Tracking – It allows the users to know the status of the file as well as the current location.
  • User friendly – The system is designed in a way that is understandable to all. It does not require techno-savvy workers to use the platform. It has a completely menu-driven interface which means all the options are provided so its users through a list of options.
  • Data Validation – It has a built-in data validation that ensures the accuracy of the data before processing.
  • Digitalization – The system provides all the services to its users in a digitalized form.

Benefits of Haryana CFMS

Along with fine features, the system also provides various benefits that add up to the effectiveness and simplifies the workload. The following are the benefits that you will be getting once you log into the portal:

  • The files can be accessed from anywhere through an internet server.
  • Since it has a login portal and provides a high level of security, an authorized person can not access the important files.
  • The employees do not have to go from one place to another just to check the status of the ongoing work. It can be easily known through the file tracking feature of the system. With this, the information is only one click away.
  • Employees can download their salary slips through the system.
  • With the help of an in-built data validation feature, the chances of making wrong entries become very less.
  • The works get completed duly in time.
  • Salary slips and pension-related information can be accessed with just one click.

Haryana CFMS ‘Run Through Files’ (RTF) Mechanism

‘Run through Files’ is a feature added to the centralized file movement and tracking information system. It is included to ensure that all the government matters do not get delayed due to hierarchical conflicts and priorities of the department. Files marked as RTF have to be given top priority before clearing any other file. These files are marked and monitored by the Chief Minister himself. The Chief Minister will personally inspect the movement of such files and only he can close the file once the work is completed.

Online Procedure For CFMS Haryana Login

In order to enter the CFMS platform, the employee has to contact their head of department. the concerned authority will introduce the employee to the registration process. After that, the login credentials will be provided to the employee. The following are the steps required to login into the CeFMaTIS platform:

  1. Open the official portal with this link –
  2. A login interface will appear where you will have to provide all the asked information.
  3. On clicking on the asked details, a drop-down menu will appear. You will have to select the relevant information from there.
  4. Likewise, select your Department, Branch, Officer, District, etc.
  5. At last, enter the password.
  6. Complete the process by clicking on the ‘Login’ button

CFMS Haryana Login – Download Salary Slip and Pension

Employees can download the payslip by logging into the official portal. Aso, information related to the employee’s retirement and pension can be accessed. Along with this, the following services are also provided:

  • Employee Promotion
  • Yearly Salary Increment
  • New Employee Creation
  • Employee Loan
  • Active/Inactive Employee
  • Advance Pay Bill
  • Modification to Employee Group Details and more

File Movement Menu

These are the following options provided included in the file movement menu:

  • Initial Diary
  • Incoming Files
  • Pending Files
  • Recall
  • File Send to Other

Final Words

Thank you for reading our article, we hope this page was helpful to all our readers. If you like to ask anything then feel free to leave your question in the comment section provided below.

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