Delhi Weekend Curfew: Full List of People Exempted From Restrictions

Delhi Weekend Curfew: The situation is getting out of control after the new variant Omicron and IHU has been detected. These new variants are really causing huge trouble for everyone. In the last two years, people have suffered a lot from the coronavirus (Covid-19). There were many cases found in the capital city of Delhi. Now after the new variant has been detected by the scientist and the team of doctors. The government has published a new guideline for the people in Delhi. The weekend curfew has started on 8 January 2022. Citizens of having to follow the rules mentioned by the government.

Delhi Weekend Curfew
Delhi Weekend Curfew

The new weekend curfew has been started in Delhi, after the arrival of the new variant. It is said that this new variant IHU is more contagious than all the variants. The weekend curfew will be implemented from 8th and 9th January 2022. The citizen of Delhi has to follow the guideline that is issued by the government. You will be informed more such details on this page, read the full article to know more about it.

Delhi Weekend Curfew

Everything will be closed during the weekend only the necessary and important places will be opened. The metro will only travel for a period of 15 minutes. That will be 15 minutes from the yellow line and 15 minutes from the blue line. This is applicable only for the weekends. And rest on other days (Weekdays) it will be normal as usual days. It is a relief that the omicron variant is curable and people can just self isolate themself to get rid of the virus but the IHU variant is very powerful and contagious at the same time you have to be very careful.

Delhi Disaster Management Authority has conducted the meeting and has declared about the weekend curfew. Hospitals, pharmacies, and all the important and essential services will be available to the public on the weekend curfew. The curfew will be implemented from 10:00 PM on Friday till 5:00 Am on Monday.

Delhi Weekend Curfew Full List of People Exempted From Restrictions

The government of Delhi has issued a weekend curfew for everyone. But people will only step out of their house if it is very important. The government of Delhi has released a list of the people who are exempted from the restriction. Only these people will be able to step out of the house while others have to stay in their home. As per lockdown rules follow the instructions mentioned by the government. Wear your mask, maintain the social distancing, sanitize your hands regularly. These rules are specially for people who are steeping out of their house for work. Below is mention the list of people who will be able to go out during the weekend curfew.

IHU vs Omicron Variant of Covid-19

  • According to the rule that the government has set for the weekend curfew. People who are moving out for essential needs like household appliances are allow to go out but with precaution.
  • School and college students who have their exams on that day can step out but with their original admit card or id cards.
  • All the teachers who are on duty for the exam can also go but with the valid id card.
  • All the media people wheather electronic media or print media. They can also visit the places on the day of lockdown. But with the e-pass that will be provided to them from their production.
  • Preagnant lady or any other people visiting the hospitals for routine checkup or for people visiting for vaccine.
  • People suffering from the corona virus or are in doubt of been attacking by the virus. They can also step out from their house but with precautions.
  • People whose office is with inn the minimum diistance and they do not have to travel from metro or bus they can also visit their offices but oonly in case of any emergency.
  • Hospitals, pharmacy, grocery stores, etc all the essential services will work as usual.
  • The judges of the supreme and all the staff memerrs are also allowed to visit court if there is any hearing or date.
  • People who are travelling to other cities it is mandatory for them to carry their RTPCR report or vaild ticket. And also who are entering the city they also have to follow the same rule.

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