DMRC Virtual Shopping App Momentum 2.0; Check its features & details

DMRC Virtual Shopping App Momentum 2.0: The Principal Executive Director of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation announced on the 19th of February 2023 the “Momentum 2.0” application. Delhi Metro will become the first to launch a Virtual shopping application for daily passengers to make their travel more worthwhile. The commuters could book DTC buses, cabs, or e-rikshaw as per their schedules, delivering last-mile connectivity. Other services include shopping for books, groceries and other items via QR instruments and receiving products at the desired station. Check the features and details of the DMRC Virtual Shopping App Momentum 2.0 in the following sections of this article.

DMRC Virtual Shopping App Momentum 2.0
DMRC Virtual Shopping App Momentum 2.0


DMRC Virtual Shopping App Momentum 2.0: Summary

Delhi Metro is the busiest and the most successful Metro Network in India, setting high standards and expectations for the public. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is certainly, living up to those high bars by equipping this on-premises application. Another fancy feature of “Momentum 2.0” includes the “Smart Boxes” for collecting the shopping items upon reaching the destination. The objective of the Delhi Metro Virtual Shopping App is towards the “Digital India” campaign of the Indian government.

Name of the app Momentum 2.0
TypeVirtual Shopping Application
Launched by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
Announcement19th of February 2023
Announced Via Twitter & Facebook
Launch DateTo be announced
ObjectiveDigital India
Features1. Last-mile connectivity
2. Shopping at virtual stores
3. Digital lockers for the smart shopper

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Features of DMRC Virtual Shopping App Momentum 2.0

The “Momentum 2.0” application will be the next level of travelling via Metro, in the capital of the Nation. To shop, book and read while itinerant can be so exciting, especially when the system will ensure the secure delivery of products as you get down to the next stop.

  • Recharge FASTags.
  • Pay monthly electricity, water, gas bills and insurance.
  • Auto-top up the metro smart card at any time. (No waiting in the queues)
  • Get the following information about the Delhi Metro before stepping into or getting out of the train.
Check these Before the train arrives While getting off the train, check.
Location and situation of entrances, elevators, and platforms. Conditions and site of elevator, platforms and exit doors.
Timing of the Train. (Real-time information)Book taxis beforehand to avoid waiting outside the station.
The occupancy of the seats and coaches. Check the schedule of local buses en route.
Room Available.

Last-Mile Connectivity to the passengers

In often cases when persons are travelling in the Metro daily, they have to change transportation between the travels. To meet such demands conveniently, commuters can book and check the schedule of such transport facilities beforehand.

Book prior Bike Taxis, E-rickshaws, Cabs
Check timetables of  Feeder buses, DTC buses, and cluster bus routes

Shopping at Virtual Shops

The Delhi Metro Commuters will be able to shop for various items from online stores. The product of such a purchase can be collected from the destination. Once the online payment is successful, travellers can easily pick up their products from the Digital lockers. The copy of these electronic lockers is explained in the following section. Firstly, readers must know what are the characteristics of shopping from virtual stores.

  • Purchase groceries, food and other commodities.
  • Shop as you wait for the train or while travelling.
  • Buy from the selected brands associated with the DMRC.
  • Extended Reality apparatus to help shopping online.
  • Use of QR method for payment.
  • Con-joining online and offline shopping via the Brick & Click technique.

E-Lockers for the Smart Buyer

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is progressing towards creating a digital safe called “Smart Boxes” to store and pick up the online goods purchased during travels. The commuters could receive services managed by a secure and technology-empowered system to ensure the safe delivery, storage and collection of the items brought with “Momentum 2.0.” They could even utilize these E-lockers for payment basis as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Delhi Metro have an online shopping app?

Not yet. According to the latest announcement of DMRC, a virtual shopping app named “Momentum 2.0” will be launched soon.

What are the features of DMRC Virtual Shopping App Momentum 2.0?

1. Last-mile connectivity to the passengers.
2. Purchase from cloud shops.
3. Automated safes for SmartBuyers.

When will the Delhi metro launch its shopping application?

The DMRC will soon announce the launch date of Momentum 2.0.

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