Free Fire India Championship 2022 Spring Registration: Prize, Schedule, Rules

Free Fire India Championship 2022 Spring Registration: The flagship tournament, Free Fire India Championship (FFIC) is back again in 2022! Free Fire India Championship 2022 Spring is an open tournament for all the players from India and Nepal. The top-performing teams at the FFIC 2022 Spring will stand a chance to represent the region at the International stage as well as direct qualification to the next edition of Free Fire Pro League. The Free Fire India Spring Championship 2022 registration started from 07th Feb 2022-11th Feb 2022 and the winners of FFIC will get a massive price amount of ₹1 Crore. Let us have a closure look at the Free Fire India Championship 2022 inside this article.

Free Fire India Championship 2022 Spring Registration

After the completion of the registration process, registered teams participating in the tournament are now waiting to represent their teams in the championship. As per the official announcement, the league stage will take place from 11th March-27th March 2022 and will be broadcasted on the official Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, Booyah or other official Garena channels or third-party channels approved by Garena. For more details about the Free Fire India Spring Championship 2022, stay tuned to their official website or keep reading our article.

Free Fire India Championship

Free Fire India Spring Championship 2022: An Overview

Game Name Free Fire India
Game Type Championship
Game Creator & SponsorGarena
Article Category Tech
Year 2022
Season Spring
Gaming Mode Online
League Dates11th-27th March 2022
Price Amount ₹1 Cr
Participating Teams India & Nepal
Official Website

Free Fire India Spring Championship 2022 Schedule

Week Day Date Group
1111th March 2022A vs B
212th March 2022B vs C
313th March 2022C vs A
418th March 2022B vs C
2519th March 2022C vs A
620th March 2022A vs B
725th March 2022C vs A
3826th March 2022 A vs B
927th March 2022B vs C

Free Fire India Championship League Stages

The Free Fire India Championship 2022 will involve the stages that are mentioned-blow:

  • Stage 1 (Open Qualifiers): The tournament will start from the open qualifiers stage, in which all registered teams will face off for qualificattion to the next stage of the championship.
  • Stage 2 (Closed Qualifiers): The closed qualifiers will feature those top 6 teams who qualified open qualifiers and teams that were placed from seventh to twelth place from the FFPL 2022 Winter finals.
  • Stage 3: (Main Event): The main event will feature the ‘League Stage, the Play-Ins & the Grand Finals’. The top 12 teams from closed qualifiers & 06 teams from FFPL Winter finals will compete against each other in the league stages. The teams ranked from 07th to 18th will fight with each other in the play-in’s while the top six teams from the league stage will directly get entry into the Grand Finals.
Free Fire India League Stages

Team Roster

After pre-registration and registration, the team roster is locked in and finalized for the event. The removal of players will be allowed after the final confirmation of all team players. No additions of team members are allowed unless faced with extraordinary circumstances. Garena has the discretion to allow the player to use a fresh new account for the tournament, subject to the below conditions:

  • The Player provides proof that he/she has lost access to the account permanently (eg. proof that their Facebook account is banned).
  • Player provides proof that he/she had tried to regain access to the account (communication with Facebook).
  • When the player agrees to permanently suspend their old account.

FF Redeem Code

Player ingame name

Player ingame name must be unique and must not contain any explicit or vulgar words and should include their team tag of not more than 3 characters followed by a “-” and their desired name like: ‘TAG-PLAYER1’. A player name change is not allowed until approval from the officials of Garena.

Sportsmanship & Decent Behaviour

  • It is important for participants to behave with a positive attitude towards the Garena officials and other participants throughout the tournament.
  • Offenders may receive sanctions ranging from points deduction, disqualification, ban from future tournaments, have part-of or the entirety of their winnings forfeited or all of the above
  • Participants may not use language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libellous, defamatory, or otherwise offensive or objectionable towards Garena officials, other participants
  • Abuse of Garena officials, other participants, or audience members will not be tolerated including but not limited to verbal abuse, touching another participant’s devices, body, or property will result in sanctions. Participants and their guests (if any) must treat all individuals with proper respect.
  • Participants shall not offend the dignity or integrity of a country, private person, or group of people through discriminatory words or actions based on race, ethnicity, national origin, social origin, gender, language, religion, political opinion, financial status, birth status, sexual orientation.
  • Flaming / cheating / toxic behaviour will not bt tolerated. Warnings will be given to the teams that commit such offences.

FFCI 2022 Rewards

Qualifier Stage:

After the completion of the qualifier stage, all the teams player will receive their rewards if they complete at least 5 games in FFC mode via in-game mail.

Rank Reward
All500-In game Gold

Members of the 1st place team will win the following rewards:

  • 1x Diamond Voucher.
  • 1x Armor Crate.
  • 1x Bounty Token.

Grand Final Stage:

Prize money will be distributed to the team captains after each team submission of the following documents:

  • Tournament Winner Release Form (Provided by Garena)
  • Payment Direction Letter (Provided by Garena)
  • Vendor Creation Form (Provided by Garena)
  • Captain’s bank account statement/passbook
  • The above documents should be submitted within one week after the grand finals.

Prize Distribution:

Rank Prize Amount
Champion 50,00,000
1st Runner-Up25,00,000
2nd Runner-Up10,00,000
4th 4,00,000
5th 2,00,000
6th 1,50,000
8th 1,00,000
9th 1,00,000
10th 75,000
11th 50,000
12th 50,000
MVP in Finals 1,00,000
Headhunter 50,000
MVP League Stage 1,00,000
Toal 10,000,000

Tie-breaking criteria

  • If there are two or more contestants tied on points at the end of a series, the tiebreaker will be decided by the number of ‘Booyah’ they have achieved. 
  • If the teams are also tied on the number of ‘Booyah’, the teams will be ranked according to the total number of kills achieved in the series. 
  • Lastly, if the teams are tied in both number of ‘Booyah’ and total number of kills in the series, the teams will be ranked according to their placements in the last game of the series that both of the affected teams are participants of (e.g. ranking in 6th game in a Best-of-6, ranking in 5th game in a Best-of-5, etc).
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