Ganga Vilas World’s Longest River Cruise; Interesting Facts, Ticket Price

Ganga Vilas Worlds Longest River Cruise: A new era of crusaders will begin as Prime Minister Narendra Modi flag off this Homoungous Ganga Vilas River Cruise on the 13th of January 2023. The MV Ganga Vilas World’s Longest River Cruise has an unusual measurement of 62 and 12 metres in length and width respectively. With the support of the Ministry of Shipping, Ports and Waterways, this project is being brought about by the Inland Waterways Authority of India. Learn more about the Worlds Longest River Cruise: Ganga Vilas.

Ganga Vilas Worlds Longest Cruise (1)
Ganga Vilas Worlds Longest Cruise


Overview: MV Ganga Vilas

The journey will begin from river Ganga, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh in the North and continue for 51 days to end at river Brahmaputra the tributary that flows in Dibrugarh, Assam in North-East. This Journey will cost a person 25,000 rupees per day. Covering an approximate distance of 3200 kilometres crossing five Indian states and even Bangladesh.

Cruise Ganga Vilas
Length 62 meters
Width12 meters
Suits 18 suits
RoutePatna, Kolkata, Dhaka, Dhubri, Guwahati, and Majuli Island
Journey Begins13th January 2023, Varanasi
Duration of the Journey 51 days
Total Distance-Covered3200 km
Journey Ends1st March 2023, Dibrugarh
Cost 25,000 rupees per person per day
Capacity36 tourists
Management  Inland Waterways Authority of India
Department Ministry of Shipping, Ports and Waterways
Ganga Vilas World's Longest Cruise
Ganga Vilas World’s Longest River Cruise

Ganga Vilas World’s Longest River Cruise: Facts

Ganga Vilas is to begin its voyage from the river Ganges in Varanasi glimpsing the Ganga Aarti on the banks of the river Ganga. The passengers of the vessel will see numerous prominent, historical monuments and significant artistic locations of our country. The vastly diverse culture of India will project itself amongst the on-boards of the Ganga Vilas. Intersecting no less than 27 river systems and journeying 50 tourist destinations, the Ganga Vilas World’s Longest Cruise will leave behind a bag full of memories to its passengers.

The exotic locations covered in this voyage are listed down below:

  • Ganga Arti in Varanasi.
  • Sarnath Temple of the Buddhists.
  • Assam’s largest river island, “Majuli”
  • Sunderbans in the Bay of Bengal delta.
  • Mayong in Assam, known for its Tantric craft
  • Bihar School of Yoga and Vikramshila University
  • Kaziranga National Park.
MV Ganga Vilas
MV Ganga Vilas

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Interesting Facts about the MV Ganga Vilas

Ganga Vilas has a lot more enticing features than just being the World’s Longest River Cruise. Here are a few incredible facts about the vessel:

  • It is 62 meters long and 12 meters wide.
  • It sails with a 1.4 metres draft.
  • Ganga Vilas has three decks.
  • There are 18 luxurious suites on the Cruise.
  • The voyage is 32 kilometres long.
  • It will last for 51 days.
  • Noise control strategies have been installed on the ship.
  • A thoughtful measure of sustainability has been accomplished with the help of a pollution-free mechanism.
  • It will cross through the following locations:
    • Patna in Bihar
    • Sahibganj in Jharkhand
    • Kolkata in West Bengal
    • Dhaka in Bangladesh
    • Guwahati in Assam.
  • River systems touched in this voyage include:
    • Ganga
    • Bhagirathi
    • Hooghly
    • Brahmaputra
    • West Coast Canal
  • The 32 travellers from Switzerland will be part of the first trip of the MV Ganga Vilas.
  • The ship is equipped with all the conveniences required.

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Which is the largest cruise in India?

The largest cruise of India is MV Ganga Vilas.

How long is the MV Ganga Vilas?

The MV Ganga Vilas is 62 metres long and 12 metres wide.

Who will launch Ganga Vilas World’s Longest Cruise?

Ganga Vilas will be launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 13th of January 2023. World’s Longest Cruise will begin its journey from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

Who are travelling in the cruise from Varanasi?

32 tourists from Switzerland will be the first passengers of the World’s Longest River Cruise.

What is the cost of travelling in the MV Ganga Vilas Cruise?

One day cost of a person in the Ganga Vilas cruise is 25000 rupees.

What is the capacity of the MV Ganga Vilas?

36 tourists can board the MV Ganga Vilas consisting of 18 luxurious suits.

Is it true that MV Ganga Vilas will also visit Bangladesh?

Yes, the Voyage covers the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka through the river system.

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