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Grand Theft Auto (GTA 6): GTA game is among the most widely played game series in the world under the Rockstar games since its release1997. It’s been quite a long wait for the gamers who have been waiting for the Grand Theft Auto 6. The game has been in rumours for the release of its newest version. The release of GTA 6 is nowhere soon to be launched. It will be launched in 2024 or 2025. Also, there have been leaks for the new Rockstar game city settings and more about the in-game features.

If you are a GTA fan, then it is recommended that you definitely go through this post. GTA V has been already released in September 2013 and now we are sharing details on the rumoured release of GTA 6. Get the answers to your questions on what to expect from the game, release dates for the game and more. So, check out this post till the end and get some exquisite information on Grand Theft Auto VI.

Grand Theft Auto 6

Article CategoryOnline Games
Name of GameGrand Theft Auto
Game DeveloperRockstar Games
Game VersionGTA VI
GTA 6 Release StatusNot released
Game release dates2024-25 (expected)
GTA Official

About GTA 6 Release

Famous You tuber Tom Henderson is revealing details on the Rockstar game titles. The youtube made remarks on the release of the game declaring that it has been postponed until 2024- 25. He also gave out information on the game setting being in the Modern Vice City. The new leaks on GTA games reveal that the game this time will be as per the present timeline theme and not in the 80s era timeline preferably.


This time an expanding map of the Modern Vice City can be a distinguishing feature of the game. However, four maps have been released for the game which will be a part of the overall final map of the game. There will be in-game currencies, parts of the made-up storylines may also use cryptocurrencies within the game. Wingsuits may be another addition to the game used for gliding over.

In contrast to GTA 5 having a trio Trevor, Franklin and Michael. In the sixth series, players can expect various combatants including a female character in the game. The female character in the game will be tech-savvy working as the brain of the group. The character may be armed with strategising and hacking skills.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date

GTA 6 Release Date

GTA is an action/ adventure game famous among a varied group of population in the world. The game was expected to release in the year 2023 but to ensure the well being of the Rockstar employees. Also, a date is also not suggested by the developers to avoid any delays that are uncertain as of now. The developers of the game will certainly not rush the game launch.

The release date of the game is still an unsolved puzzle. The latest information regarding the release dates is as per various journalists cannot be exact dates but year. The game is likely to release in the year 2024 or 2025.

It is specifically to be noted that the Rockstar Games have not declared any information regarding any of the updates we are presenting in this post. All the information present in the post is based on the source information which may vary as the game launches officially. The only official information made public by the developers is the player mode which is likely to be a single player.

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Download Grand Theft Auto VI For PC and Mobile

The GTA versions including the Vice City and San Andreas are available in the mobile versions. All types of the newest versions of the game just like others will be available for box, pc, x/s console, PS. However, it may not be promised that a new version of the GTA will be available for Mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date of GTA 6?

As per the sources, the game will be released anytime post 2024-25. Although the expected date of release was 2023.

What are some of the features of the new GTA VI?

The game will consist of some intriguing features including multiple characters, expanding map, cryptocurrencies, and many more. All these features are expected features without any official ground of confirmation from the developers.

Will the new version of GTA 6 consist of multiple characters?

It is very likely as per the leaks that the newest version of the game will be very much similar to the current version V and consist of multiple characters.

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