Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID: Check K/D Ratio, Rank, Monthly Income in February 2022

Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID: Nowadays gaming is trending in the world, the youth are very much interested in the gaming world. There are a number of games that are leading the gaming world, and many people are earning from that game by doing live-streaming in the game or launching their own games. Gaming has now become a part of a profession, earlier gaming was considered as a waste of time or a way to just relax your mind. And now people have started taking the gaming world very seriously, there are many games that are ruling the world named anaemia games, action games, PUBG, Free fire, etc, and many more. Gyan gamer is a live streamer who uploads his videos on his Youtube channel and does the streaming. All the viewers who are big fans of games and are here to search about Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID, then you are on the correct page. You will get all the related content here on this page read the full article to get to know more about it.

Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID

Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID

The Gyan gaming was started with nothing and now it has billions of subscribers and followers, the game has really gained so much popularity in just a few years. Gyan gaming is in the top five Indian free-fire content creators on Youtube. Sujan is active on a social media platform and he keeps all his followers updated about the game and matches that he played or is about to play. He shares his rank, enemies, winning rate, etc on his social media account, Gyan is active on – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on his Youtube channel. His free fire UID is 70393167

Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID- Over view Table

Article categoryGaming
Article typeGyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID
Name of the StreamerGyan Gaming
Real name of the gamerAnkit Sujan
NicknameGyan, Ankit
Age28 years
ProfessionYoutuber, Gamer
LanguageHindi and English
BirthplaceKolkata, West Bengal, India
Id nameGyan Sujan
Youtube Channel NameGyan Gaming

About Ankit Sujan

The very well-known Indian gaming application player name is Ankit Sujan who is also known as Gyan Sujan in world gaming. Sujan is born and brought up in West Bengal, India. There is not much information about his personal life, family. Ankit has first started doing the live streaming of clash of clan and some other games and later he switched to free fire. This game gave Sujan a lot of exposure. Sujan has started uploading live streaming videos with his friend AS gaming and Raistar from his collection. There are few gamers who came so far by just doing live streaming, and in a few years, Sujan gain so much popularity and has so many followers and also many youtube subscribers. He has started his youtube channel Gyan gaming with just simple content with his friend and now everyone knows the Gyan Gaming youtube channel.

Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID

Ankit Sujan has around 1.7 million followers on his Instagram account and over 43k+ likes in his Gaming Id. Currently, Sujan is in the 78th level of the game. Sujan always shares his live events, videos, travel videos, gaming update, etc, on his social media handle- Instagram, Facebook. Sujan was fond of gaming from his childhood days and now he makes his teenage dream into reality, many people are following sujan for his gaming skills and are encouraging him for his work.

Free Fire Ankit Sujan Net Worth

Ankit Sujan popularly known as Gyan Sujan has earned a lot of money from live streaming in free-fire gaming applications. He has just started with just a few videos from his collection and as the year passes he gained so much attention from the audience that he started uploading more live videos and from there he has come into the limelight. It is estimated that Sujan’s monthly net worth from his Youtube channel is $9.8k to $142.4k and on the other hand the content create yearly earning is approx. $106.8k to $1.7 million.

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Gyan Gaming Stats

He has started uploading his videos two and a half years ago and till now he has uploaded 2000 videos from his collection on his Youtube channel. Many audiences are showing interest in this game, till now Gyan Sujan has played 16041 squad games and he has obtained Booyahs in 5898 matches. The winning rate of Sujan is 36.76%, he has eliminated 53453 foes and has a ratio of 5.27 in the duo match. Gyan has earned 451 booyahs in 1994 matches. He has killed over 5212 enemies in his live streaming match and his winning rate for the match is 22.61% the K/D ratio of Gyan is 3.38 Gyan has played 125 solo games and in solo games also he has played very well in 153 games and the winning rate of these solo games is 12%. At the ratio of K/D 1.94, Gyan has killed 2180 enemies, in the recent game Gyan has played 152 squad games and the winning rate of the game is 30.26%, in this game he has a K/D ratio of 6.15 and has 652 foes.

Free Fire Gaming Id

Gyan has had a free-fire gaming id since he started playing this game, as for now, he has played many matches in single, with the squad, and had killed many enemies. He has even played the solo game and has won many matches. Gyan’s free-fire gaming id is 70393167. Currently, he is playing very well in the game and his rank is also good. Right now his rank in the battle royal is Platinum IV, and in clash squad, his rank is Silver II. He has played very well in all the matches the stats are already mentioned on this page, from the above stats you can calculate how good he is in gaming.

You can contact Gyan Sujan directly via e-mail, below we have mentioned all the accounts of Gyan sujan and his mail id.

Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire YoutubeClick Here
Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire Twitter handleClick Here
Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire Instagram accountClick Here
Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire Facebook accountClick Here
Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire E-mail

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