Khajane 2 Portal Login, K2 Challan Generation Status

Khajane 2 Portal Login–  With the advent of Technology and boost the initiative of Digital India, the YS Yediyurappa led government has initiated the Khajane 2 Portal Karnataka with the basic motive to provide a unified service whereby the citizens and civil servants of the state will be able to look after the financial business and challan services of the treasury activities. Thus, the Portal facilitates the user with a treasury system to avoid discrepancies and lead a simplified system. Through this article we will provide the users with the complete information of Khajane 2 Portal generating challan, searching and tracking the status, Login procedure, etc.

About Khajane 2 Portal Karnataka

Khajane 2 Portal Karnataka is primarily an Integrated Financial Management System of the Karnataka Government which runs on the mechanism of easy portability giving the users ease of access across the various unified departments of the state whereby the user shall fill up the challan, track the status of challan, have a variety of gateways of payment for the secured transaction and provide financial functions inside the single platform.

Khajane 2 Portal Karnataka cover

How to Generate the Challan on Khajane 2 Portal Karnataka?

For the Challan Generation the kannadigas are required to follow the steps provided below:

  • Once the Services section is opened on the screen, the citizen should click on the initial of the Generate Challan trait appearing in the initial.
  • The Challan Generation window will be opened on the screen.
  • To initiate with the Challan Generation form, the citizen needs to fulfill the following sections:
    • Provide the Date of Challan
    • Provide the details of Remitter such as :
      • Full Name of the Citizen
      • Email address of the applicant
      • Residential address of the Applicant
      • Mobile Number of the citizen
Challan Generation details Khajane
  • Next in the Department Details section , Applicant will be required to enter the details as follows:
    • Category( whether Government, Deposits, ZP, TP, GP)
    • Select the District from the drop down
    • Write down the name of the Department concerned
    • Mention the DDO Code and DDO Office concerned.
  • In the last section of Purpose Details, citizens are ought to be writing these information:
    • Select the Purpose from the Drop down
    • Purpose Specific ID
    • Head of Account
    • Total amount incurred on the Challan purpose
  • At last, the Applicant shall click on the Add button for additional manual information and click on the Submit button provided on the bottom to Successfully generate the Challan on Khajane 2 Portal Karnataka.
Challan Generation Khajane 2

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How to Search Challan under Khajane 2 Portal Karnataka?

When the citizen of Karnataka is registered under the Khajane 2 portal, they shall check their Challan generated through the procedure provided below:

  • Go to the Official web portal of the Khajane 2 .
  • Scroll down and check the Service menu located on the bottom.
  • From the service menu, Click on the Search Challan option .
  • Now the site wil get redirected to the Search Challan window.
  • In the Search Challan window, the citizen wil be required to provide the details as follows:
    • Challan reference Number
    • Bank Reference Number
    • Enter the generated Captcha code
  • Click on the Search button to check the search results for Respective Challan of the citizen
Khajane Portal 2 Search Challan

How to Verify Challan Payment Status?

The registered citizens of Karnataka shall track their Challan Payment status as follows:

  • From the service section of the official portal of Khajane 2 Portal, click on the Verify Challan Payment Status.
  • A redirected window as shown in the image below of the E-Payment status will appear on the screen.
  • The Kannadiga is required to enter the Reference Number provided at the time of registration and enter the generated captcha inside the textbox.
  • On clicking the submit button, the Payment status of the citizen challan will appear on the screen.
Challan Payment status Khajane

How to Search the UTR status under Khajane 2 Portal ?

UTR basically stands for the Unique transaction Reference Number code that is 22 characters long and is mostly produced to have a check on the transaction initiated from the Real time gross settlement. Under the Khajane Two Portal, the citizen shall also check whether his UTR status is active or not. The process to check the same is provided below:

  • Inside the Service Section of the portal, click on the Search UTR option located at the bottom.
  • The UTR window will be opened whereby the applicant shall provide his UTR and verification code in order to search the UTR as well resetting the UTR.
Khajane Search UTR

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Karnataka Khajane 2 Portal Login Process

The Applicants of Karnataka who have registered under the Khajane 2 Portal Karnataka shall Login to the portal through the steps provided below:

  • Visit the Official Web Portal of Khajane 2 of the Treasury Department of Karnataka
  • Inside the homepage, click on the Sign-in option being located in the top left corner of the portal. Two of the section of DMS and IFMS will appear which the applicant shall choose as per their convenience.
  • The Khajane 2 Login Portal will be displayed.
  • The applicant will need to enter the Username and Password created during the time of Registration.
Khajane Portal 2 Login
  • Lastly the applicant will need to enter the generated captcha code inside the textbox and click on the Sign In button to Login successfully.

Khajane 2 Portal Karnataka Helpdesk

The Khajane 2 Portal is embedded with the helpline that is there to resolve the complaints and queries of the citizens of Karnataka. The information of the undersigned authorities is provided below:

  • Contact Number: 080-22288801/18004254252 / 9241300300
  • Whatsapp number: 8050031331
  • Email address of the Khajane 2 Portal Karnataka: :

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- What criteria are required to search Chalan under this portal?

The user will require to write down the Challan Reference number and Bank reference number in order to Search the Chalan in the Khajan Two portal.

Ques- How can I verify my Challan Payment Status under Khajane Two portal?

You need to enter the reference number issued to you during the time of challan generation in order to verify the Challan Payment status under the Khajane 2 portal.

Ques- What is UTR and what is its use in the Khajan Two Portal?

UTR stands for Unique Transaction Reference Number that comprises 22 characters and is used to check the RTGS and gateway inside the portal.

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