List of Safest Country in the World; India Ranks @?

List of Safest Country in the World: Captain Scott Kelly once quoted “Safety has to be everyone’s responsibility…everyone needs to know that they are empowered to speak up if there’s an issue.” When people decide to relocate from one country to another due to many reasons, loads of questions come into their minds. One of the questions that grab their focus is the safety level of the country in which they are going to move in future.

Safety plays a big role for a country’s citizens as it gives them the authority to do whatever they want to do freely following the guidelines without getting harassed under the name of the law or by bullies. Another reason why safety is important for a country is that it helps in gaining a reputation among their citizens along with the travellers. The positive reputation gives them the chance to get on the safest country list prepared by Global Peace Index.

Dear reader, if you are a traveller or going to shift to another country then carry on reading this article, as we’ve prepared the list that will help you in learning about the Safest Countries in the World along with the scores.

List of Safest Country in the World

There are 195 countries across the world at the current time. Although 193 countries are members of the United Nations and the remaining 02 countries are non-member observer states. Each country has a different population ratio along with the crime rate/disputes (Internal or External). An organisation known as Global Peace Index was founded to award countries on different grounds. Based on various factors, the countries are rewarded with points and ranked from best to least. Let’s have a look at the names of the countries that are part of the list along with their score given by the organisation.

List of Safest Country in the World

Top 11 Safest Country in World

To know in clear words, the names of the top eleven safest countries across the world you can examine the following sections of the article. We’ve shared in detail the reasons why they deserve to be in the top eleven.

Rank 1: Iceland

Iceland has been able to remain in the top position on the list since 2008. It is a Nordic nation with a small amount of population. Since the population rate is less, the crime rate along with issues between social and economic classes are also low.


Rank 2: New Zealand

After Iceland, New Zealand is the second safest country across the globe. Following the path of Iceland, the population ratio is low leading to rare cases of violence among its citizens. They are quite open-minded accompanied by strict laws for any violent crime.

New Zealand
New Zealand

Rank 3: Ireland

Ireland worked a lot to make it the safest country for its citizens and tourists. The result of their work came in 2022 when they got promoted from 11th place to 3rd place. To make the best, the police department and the system passed some schemes and laws leading to a reduction in the crime rate, theft and riots between communities.


Rank 4: Denmark

Denmark has been ranked in the fourth position as per the Global Peace Index statistics. The people feel safe roaming around the lanes at noon & night without any fear of getting kidnapped, shot or other inappropriate activities. Corruption is rare in businesses & politics and honesty is their top priority.


Rank 5: Austria

The fifth safest country in the world for 2022 is Austria. The rise of violent demonstrations is still a concern but the government is working on it. However, no serious crimes such as murders, rapes, or kidnappings haven’t been reported in the country.


Rank 6: Portugal

Just like Ireland, Portugal also managed to improve itself in different elements to be on the list of safest countries. In 2014, Portugal was ranked 18th globally. To be the best, the country has increased the number of police officers in their department leading to a decrease in the unemployment rate from 17% to 07%.


Rank 7: Slovenia

Like many Slavic states, Slovenia established a Democratic government in the 1900s and improved itself in different categories such as travelling, medical risks & road safety. Citizens follow all the rules and regulations with full responsibility and participate in social awareness programmes.


Rank 8: Czech Republic

The crime rate in the Czech Republic has dropped tremendously with a low percentage of terrorism & natural disasters. The country boosts the level of hygiene and a state-run health insurance system with affordable rates and universal coverage.

Czech Republic
Czech Republic

Rank 9: Singapore

As per the GPI statistics, Singapore ranked ninth on the list. The country’s residents feel the highest sense of safety due to the enforcement of laws on every kind of crime. The government along with the Police gives their best to control the supply and exchange of guns, other firearms and any kind of violent activities.


Rank 10: Japan

The country that is in the tenth position of being the safest country across the globe is Japan. As per the reports, Japan has been in the 10th position for a few years. The country’s neighbours China & North Korea might create problems in future for the country.


Rank 11: Switzerland

After the top ten, the country that is ranked in the eleventh position is Switzerland. The country provides the best medical facilities, bathing water, hygiene, security ratio & the pollution rate is quite low. The main attraction is their tourist spot which helps in improving the country economically and financially.


Dear reader, we hope that this area of the article helped you in knowing the top eleven safest countries across the world.

What is Global Peace Index (GPI)?

The Global Peace Index (GPI) was founded by Steve Killelea, an Australian technology entrepreneur and philanthropist. The GPI was first launched in May 2019. It is produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, a global think tank dedicated to developing metrics to analyse peace and quantify its economic benefits. A separate panel of experts measures a country’s peace using three domains which involve: Ongoing Domestic and International Conflict, Societal Safety and Security and Militarisation. Those countries who pass these domains are ranked in order of best to least along with the points.

Overall GPI 2022 Score

To give a ranking, the GPI experts use 23 quantitative and qualitative indicators each weighted on a scale between 1-5. The lower the score the more peaceful the country. In the following table, you will be getting to know about the country’s name along with the score.

RankCountry Name Score
1Iceland 1.107
2New Zealand1.269
3Ireland 1.288
4Denmark 1.269
5Austria 1.3
6Portugal 1.301
7Slovenia 1.316
8Czech Republic 1.318
9Singapore 1.326
10Japan 1.336
11Switzerland 1.357

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What is India’s rank in GPI 2022 report?

As per the GPI report for the year 2022, India holds the rank of 135th in the list of the safest countries in the world.

How are the members of the GPI expert panel?

The GPI expert panel includes Professor Kevin P. Clements, Dr Sabina Alkire, Dr Ian Anthony, Dr Manuela Mesa and Dr Ekaterina Stepanova.

What is the ranking of China, Pakistan & Afghanistan in the Global Peace Index report 2022?

China is ranked in the 89th position with a 2.01 score followed by Pakistan in the 147th rank with a 2.789 score and lastly Afghanistan at 163 ranks with a score of 3.554.

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