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MP Jeevan Shakti Yojana The women coming from the urban area are being allowed to earn money in the time of the country-wise economic crisis. The government of Madhya Pradesh state under the leadership of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan launched a scheme known as “Jeevan Shakti Yojana” with the help of the Department of Industrial Policy and Investment Promotion. This scheme aims at employing the women of the state to help them overcome this economic difficulty. This scheme also aims at improving the health condition of the state.

As we all are aware the country’s employment situation has not been that good due to the global pandemic, so to tackle this situation, the government of MP is trying to provide employment opportunities to women, especially the ones coming from the urban areas. The government came up with a great idea which will simultaneously help the citizens as well as the state government for the Make in India scheme. The government is asking the women of the state to produce cotton masks at their homes and the govt. assures you to buy them at the rate of rupees 11 per piece. To register for the MP Jeevan Shakti Scheme 2023, they need to visit the official website of the govt. i.e., to get enrolled. The details related to the scheme and the documents required to get them registered are explained in the later parts of the article.

In the first phase of the scheme, the registration of 10,000 women has been completed and the process of issuing work orders is in vogue. The process of new registration has been temporarily postponed.


MP Jeevan Shakti Yojana 2023

The women need to visit to check the registration procedure, payment details, order details, and other important details which will be required to set up their account. Under the Jeevan Shakti Yojana 2023, the female employee will be assigned the work of manufacturing cotton masks and for each mask that they prepare, an amount of Rs 11 will be paid to them. The candidates will have to provide their bank account numbers as once the registration is done, the amount will directly be credited to the bank accounts of the candidates. This scheme depicts the intelligence and the care that the govt. has for its citizens. This case works well for both the govt. and the female citizens. The govt. will get the masks at a rate that is much cheaper than the outside market and the women of the urban areas will be able to earn some money.

MP Jeevan Shakti Yojana

Features of the MP Jeevan Shakti Yojana 2023

Although the features of the scheme must have been clear to you but below we’ve mentioned the most important details related to the Jeevan Shakti Scheme 2023 which will improve the economic condition of women in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The features are as follows:

1) One of the most important aspects related to this scheme is that the women get benefited in terms of uplifting economic conditions.

2) There will be an increase in the number of cotton masks in the state of Madhya Pradesh that’ll help improve the health condition or you can say it’ll help to prevent people from the deadly coronavirus.

3)  It will help in improving the employment ratio in the state of MP.

4)  Once women get registration under the MP Jeevan Yojana Scheme 2023, they don’t need to worry about the sale of masks as the govt. is ready to buy all of them.

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Benefits of Women Mask Scheme 2023 in MP

The state-run employment scheme will help the state to fight against the challenges faced by the administration and the people of Madhya Pradesh during these harsh situations.

  • The scheme which has recently come into action can increase the supply of hand-made masks in the state of Madhya Pradesh
  • The quality of the hand-made masks under the Jeevan Shakti Yojana scheme 2023 is excellent and helps people to fight against the economic crisis.
  • The women can work to make the masks at their homes without the need to work outside in any factories.

MP Jeevan Shakti Yojana 2023 Call Center Helpline Number

The women who are not that exposed to the online world can apply for the scheme using an alternative method. The method has been discussed below:

  • Another way to get registered for the scheme is by dialling the helpline number i.e. 0755-2700800.
  • The women will get their order-related information on their registered mobile number and the first order for making masks is a minimum of 200 cotton masks.
  • After registration, they will be asked for their bank account details for the payment process.

Important – After finishing the work, the candidates need to report to their nodal officer about the number of masks prepared at home. After the approval, the payment will be credited directly into their bank accounts.

Documents required for the MP Jeevan Shakti Yojana Registration

  • The Aadhar card number of the applicant
  • Address proof can be either a voter id card, bank passbook, etc
  • Passbook of Bank account
  • Mobile number

Steps To Apply For MP Jeevan Shakti Yojana (Online)

All the women of the state must avail the benefits of the scheme. This can be done by first registering themselves for this scheme through the official website. For some candidates, the process of online registration may not be that friendly so, in order to make this process easy for them below we’ve provided a few basic steps in order to make the process really simple for the candidates. The steps are as follows:

  • You need to open the official website as the first step to get registered for this employment scheme.
  • Once the website gets opened, then you are required to search for the “महिला उद्यमी पंजीयन करें” link on the homepage of the portal.
  • Then after you need to click on the MP Jeevan Shakti Yojana Apply Online to get proceed further in order to apply for the scheme.
  • In the next step, you would be asked to fill in all the details in the application form such as the applicant’s mobile number, bank details, capacity to work, and other personal details.

Note – After filling out the online application form, then the applicants have to wait for the approval message from the concerned authority. Once it gets approved, then the applicants will be allotted the work to make cotton masks at their homes and the payment will be directly made to their bank accounts.

  • The price of the hand-made cotton masks is already decided by the state government across all districts of the state. The price for each mask is set to Rs 11.

Frequently Asked Question

What can be done if we are not getting an OTP on the mobile number at the time of registration for the Women Employment Scheme?

You need to check whether your mobile number is linked to your Aadhar number or not.

What are the ways available for the registration of the Jeevan Shakti Scheme led by the Madhya Pradesh government?

There are two ways by which you can register for the scheme includes online registration at the official website(i.e., ) which has been discussed in this article and the second method for doing it is by giving them a call at 0755–2700800.

What is the next step after applying for the Jeevan Shakti Employment Scheme application form?

After filling out the application form you need to wait to get an approval message on your registered mobile number from the concerned authority and once you get the message then after you need to submit the relevant documents to get the first order.

What will be the material required to make the hand-made mask?

The main material which would be required to make the mask is cotton.

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