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Digital India is one of the campaigns initiated by the Government of India to digitally empower the nation. Under this, a mobile-based application, called mParivahan has been instituted by the NIC to digitalize the RTO-related services across the country. With its launch, 1300+ RTO offices have been digitalized. The development of the mParivahan app has eased and simplified the services, such as check RC info, DL details, search challan, pay relevant taxes, DL registration, DL mock test, etc. for the common public.

In the article below, we shall review all the important facets of the mParivahan app and its details. Also, check the online services offered by the mParivahan and the procedures on how to avail of these services.


About mParivahan App: A step to virtualization

mParivahan is a citizen-centric app launched under the Digital India program by the central government. Instituted in Jan 2017, the app is maintained by the MoRTH, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Shri Nitin Gadkari launched the mParivahan mobile application with an aim to promote digitalization in the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) related services.

The information displayed on the mParivahan app is fetched from the centralized database. Hence, it is acceptable all over India by the authorities. In case, the details are not available, it means that either the fed data is incorrect or the desired document is invalid.

This digital platform for the smartphones users is available in different regional languages other than English and Hindi. The regional languages included are Punjabi, Marathi, Bangla, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Gujarati.

How to use mParivahan App

mParivahan Mobile App: An Overview

Article NamemParivahan Mobile Application
AuthorityMoRTH, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
Launched inJanuary 2017
Launched bySh. Nitin Gadkari
Services offeredOnline RTO services, such as check RC, DL info, DL registration, etc.
ObjectiveTo digitalize the RTO services across the country
BeneficiariesCitizens of India
Download Link Check below
Official Websitewww.parivahan.gov.in

Features and Benefits of the mParivahan App

The app aims to enhance the extent of digitalization across the country and ease the various processes of RTO-related activities to the public. All these essential services are now digitally accessible on Android as well as iOS platforms. The documents produced are fully autheniticated and as valid as the physical copies of them. It has provided an hassle-free medium for the users to navigate through the app and access the desired services. Developed and designed by National Informatics Centre, the app has the following benefits to offer.

  1. Digitalization of the RTO related processes and activities.
  2. No need to carry the physical copies of the concerned RC and DL with themselves.
  3. Virtual copies of these two documents as acceptable by the Traffic Police and other authorities of the Transport Department.
  4. The users can verify the details of the vehicle in case second-hand purchase.
  5. The transparency within the system has improved.
  6. Easy and digital access to the Registration Certificate and Driving License.
  7. The drivers can contact their knowns or ambulance in any case of road realted emergencies or accidents.

Services offered by the mParivahan App

mParivahan mobile app is feature-loaded and offers numerous online services to the common public of the nation. Check the list of such services below.

  • Registration Certificate, RC information
  • Driving License, DL Information
  • Create Virtual RC/ DL
  • Search DL with DOB
  • Search Challan
  • Pay Tax
  • Registration Information
  • License Information
  • Emergency Services
  • DL Mock Test
  • Nearest Pollution Checking Center
  • Nearest RTO

How to Download the mParivahan App on your mobile?

mParivahan is a one stop solution for all the services related to the transport and registration activities. The government has developed this application for android as well as iOS based operating systems. Below is the procedure described to install the application on your respective smartphones.

Step I:- Firstly, you need to open your respective app stores on your smartphones.

Step II:- Type “mParivahan” in the Search bar on the top of the screen. Choose the mParivahan from the list that appears.

Step III:- Now, the following screen will be displayed. Click on the “Install” icon to download.

Download Mparivahan app

Step IV:- The downloading of the app will begin. As the process completes, it will be installed on your smartphone.

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How to use mPaivahan Mobile Application?

Upon successful installation of the mParivahan application, the smartphone users can begin to use the app to avail its many digital services. In the subsequent sections, we have described the procedures to access these services online through the app.

A. View RC (Registration Certificate) Information

A Registration Certificate (RC) is a legal document that calims the registration of the concerned motor vehicle. IN order to check your RC details online on the mParivahan app, check the steps below.

  • Open the mParivahan app on your mobile
  • Click on the Menu icon on the top left of the homepage of the app.
  • A complete of the services will appear.
  • Select “RC Information”.
  • Enter you RC number to get details.
  • The following details will appear on the screen,
    • Owner Name
    • Registering Authority
    • Vehicle Class
    • RC Status
    • Fuel Type
    • Vehicle Age
    • Registration Date
    • Insurance Validity
    • PUCC Validity
    • Fitness Validity
    • Tax Validity
View RC Details mParivahan

B. View DL (Driving License) Information

Possession of a Driving License permits the holder to drive the registered vehicle type on the roads and highways. A DL card number is a unique number that is authorized after the proper driving tests. To access the DL information on the mParivahan app, follow the following procedure.

  • Select “DL Information” from the menu list.
  • Enter your unique DL number to get details of the same.
  • Check the required DL details.
  • The following details will be shown.
    • DL Holder Name
    • Licensing Authority
    • Vehicle Class
    • Issue Date
    • Licence Validity
View DL Details mParivahan

C. Create Virtual DL / RC

Sometimes, it is not feasible or possible to carry the driver’s licence or RC with them or the driver forgets to keep them. In that case, a virtual RC/ DL comes to rescue. One can show the virtual copy of the same to the police, if asked. It can be obtained through the following decribed procedure on the mParivahan mobile application.

  • Tap on the icon of mParivahan app on your mobile phone.
  • On the Dashboard, either select the “Create Virtual RC” or “Create Virtual DL”, as per your requirement.
Create virtual RC DL mParivahan
  • Enter details accordingly.
  • Verify the same.
  • Your virtual RC/ DL will be displayed under the dashboard section.

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D. Search Driving License with DOB

You can also view your DL details with your Date of Birth. The procedure for the same has been shared below.

  • Click on the mParivahan icon to open the app.
  • From the menu bar, select the option of “Search DL with DOB”.
  • Add your DL number and date of birth to continue.
  • After that, tap on the “Search” button.
  • Your DL details will appear on the screen.
Search DL with DOB mParivahan

E. Search Challan

There is also a unique feature to search the challans imposed, if any, on the mParivahan mobile app. To view your challans, follow the steps given underneath.

  • Open the mParivahan app on your device.
  • Click on the menu icon to access the menu options.
  • Select “Search Challan”.
  • A new page will open.
  • You can proceed via two ways,
    • Search by RC number
    • Search by DL number
  • If you have any challan against your DL/ RC, it will be displayed on your mobile screen.
Search challan m Parivahan

F. Pay Tax

The motor vehicle owners can pay their road taxes on the mParivahan app. It also let the users to check their pending transactions and reprint receipts if lost or misplaced. The procedure to avail the said service has been summarized below in detail.

  • Open the mParivahan app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the option of “Pay Tax” from the available menu options.
  • As you click on it, another page will appear.
pay tax m Parivahan
  • Choose the relevant option as per your need.
  • You will need to enter your vehicle number to proceed.
Pay tax mParivahan
  • The desired detailed regarding the same will appear.
  • Proceed accordingly.

G. Registration Information

Under this feature of the mParivahan mobile application, the detailed information in regard with the Registration Certificate is provided. You can check the details about the guidelines, documents required, procedure, etc. via this option.

To access this online service, the mobile users need to select the “Registration Information” from the menu and click on the icon you wish to check the information about. Check the complete details about the selected option.

Registration Information mParivahan

H. License Information

Similar to Registration Information, you can check the License Information from the app as well. Through the app, details about the Learner’s License, Driving License, Renewal of DL, Duplicate DL, License related Fees, International Driving Permit, etc. can be viewed. It will contain the onfo about the application procedure, eligibility requirements, and much more.

To check the same, click on the License Information from the menu list. Choose the desirable option.

License Information mParivahan

I. Emergency Services

At times of any road emergencies, the mParivahan app provides an option to contact your enlisted emergency contacts or ambulance. To access this service, you need to follow the below-mentioned procedure.

  • As you open the mParivahan app on your smartphone, click on the top right menu icon to open the menu options.
  • From there, select the “Emergency Services” tab.
  • The following screen will open afterwards.
Emergency services m Parivahan
  • Tap on the first option to add your medical details, such as
    • Blood Group
    • Height
    • Weight
  • After that, add the contact numbers of your emergency contacts, you wish to notify in urgency.
  • Save the details.
  • Click on the second option to call an ambulancein case of any road accident.
  • You must tap on the third icon to notify your added contacts at times of emergency.

J. Other Services

Apart from the above-mentioned digital services by the m Parivahan app, there are some more services. Through this mobile application, you can prepare yourself for the online learner’s license test, locate your nearest pollution checking centres or Regional Transport Officer, RTO.

To access the mentioned services, you need to open the mParivahan app and choose the option of “Our Services”. After that, you can tap on the suitable icon to avail that particular service.

Services m Parivahan

For more information, refer to the video link below.

mParivahan App: Contact Details

In case of any query regarding the mParivahan mobile application or the services offered by the app, you can contact the mParivahan Application Information Manager through the following modes of contact.

The helpline number of the app will be answered from 6 AM to 10 PM on all working days.

Important Links

Download mParivahan Mobile App: AndroidClick here
Download mParivahan Mobile App: iOSClick here
Official Website of the Parivahan Sewa, MoRTHClick here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a new LL or DL through the mParivahan mobile app?

No, you need to visit the official portal of the Sarathi Parivahan to apply for a new LL or DL.

Can I download the mParivahan mobile application on my PC?

No. As of now, only mobile version of this application is available.

How to sign up on the mParivahan app?

You need to click on the “Sign In” tab available on the menu bar. Enter your mobile number and verify the OTP sent on the given number. Once it is verified, you are ready to use the mParivahan mobile application.

What are RC/ DL QR stickers?

An QR code is generated when you create your virtual RC/ DL which can be used to stickers to ease the scanning process by the Traffic Police.

Post your queries/ suggestions about the above article in comment box below. We will help you in best way possible.

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