New Covid Variant BF.7? What are its symptoms; Read here

New Covid Variant BF.7: It’s been a year since Indians were relieved by defeating one of the deadliest viruses none other than Coronavirus. However, one of the shocking news that’s capturing everyone’s attention is that a new variant of Covid has been found in China. The new variant of Covid has been named ‘BF.7’. Just like Covid, it has been originated in China and the first BF.7 patient of the virus was detected by Chinese doctors in the first week of Dec 2022.

Another shocker announced by the Indian government that will sweep away the rug under your feet is that the new variant of Covid-19 that has been driving a surge in infections across China has been discovered in Gujarat and Odisha. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will personally review the Covid situation in a meeting to get prepared before the situation gets worse. Go through the article till the end to know more about the new covid variant BF.7.


New Covid Variant BF.7 & its symptoms

New Covid Variant BF.7

Out of all the Covid variations, the one which is an Omicron mutant with the highest transmissibilities is BF.7. Following the information in the research, it has been found that the R0 value for this mutant is around 10-18.6. It directly means that the patient will directly forward the disease to the people that are living with them. The ones with low immunity systems, children, elderly citizens and non-vaccinated have to be careful since they’ve got a high risk of getting infected.

Omicron Mutant BF.7: Overview

Variant Name BF.7
Mutant OfOmicron
Category Article
Originated China

Symptoms of New Covid Variant BF.7

Getting familiar with the BF.7 symptoms will help the readers in getting mentally and physically prepared. They will be able to beat the virus and save their loved ones from encountering the new variant. The list of symptoms that will help you in knowing whether you are suffering from the BF.7 variant or not:

Respiratory Tract Infection
Sore Throat
Muscle Pain

Covid New Variant BF7 Precautions

Nothing in this world is permanent and the same applied to the new variant of Covid. To win this battle, we all have to take some precautions and save our country from getting affected by Covid new variant BF.7 The various precautions that we all have to follow as directed by the Ministry of Health are available in the pointers below:

  • The citizens must avoid visiting crowded areas and start wearing masks again before leaving the house.
  • Maintain social distancing and clean your hands with soap/hand sanitiser.
  • Try to avoid international travel and get vaccinated by taking a Booster dose.
  • Follow the government advisory issued on a timely basis.

Covid Omicron XXB Variant

Just like every coin has two phases, social media platforms have positive & negative impacts on their users’ lives. At one point, social platforms help in connecting people across the world and make them aware of the latest trends and events happening around them. On the other hand, it also shares fake news that misleads them.

Since the situation across the country regarding the new omicron variant has spread like a tracer bullet and the fake news of the Covid-Omicron XXB variant has been shared with many users. The Ministry of Health in their recent tweet clarified that the news that has been forwarded is completely fake and shouldn’t be trusted.

Cases of New Covid Variant BF.7 in India

According to the press release shared by Indian Medical Association, India has reported around 145 new cases in the last 24 hours out of which four cases are the new China variant i.e. BF.7. Indian Medical Association has issued an advisory to its state and local bodies to take necessary actions and brace themselves in case the decision of lockdown gets announced in future. They also announced that citizens shouldn’t get panic and focus on their work by taking all kinds of precautions.

Omicron New Mutant BF.7: Links

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