PUBG India Battleground Mobile India Download link [APK+OBB] Full Version

PUBG India Battleground Mobile: The PUBG India Battlegrounds, now known as Battlegrounds India Mobile(BGMI) has made its Full version released on 2nd July for all the Indian gamers with the revoke of partial ban. Nevertheless, the gamers must be ready for a new joyride as the Krafton comes with more enhanced graphics and smooth gameplay. The early access for the PUBG India Battleground Mobile Beta version is now available and the Krafton assures the user of a sooner release of the Battlegrounds India full version. Read this article to know about the latest updates, PUBG Mobile India downloading procedure (APK+OBB), and customization information.

About PUBG India Battleground Mobile

PUBG India Battleground Mobile 2021

Players Unknown Battlegrounds’ is an online multiplayer game created by Brendan Greene which was partially inspired by a Japanese saga- “Battle Royale” that involves the battle combats, exploration of the mission arenas with an online multiverse of gamers interconnected for an intense battle together. On its release in December 2017, the game within the time of some months created a sensation amongst youths all over the world for its extensive locations, mature gameplay, and impeccable storyline.

PUBG India Battleground Mobile India Download

However, the game saw a ban in India from the central government owing to its violent obscenity and the fact that one of the distributors of the PUBG was Tencent- A Chinese company accused of data theft of the Indian gamers. However, for now, the PUBG India has been renamed as Battlegrounds Mobile India with the Krafton(developer) and the ban is rifted making Krafton take the charge throughout India.

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How to Download PUBG India Battlegrounds Mobile Full version?

All the excited gamers who are now up for undergoing the Beta version test are provided with the process to get it downloaded in your device. Check below the steps provided:

  • The gamers should tap here to redirect to the Battlegrounds Testing program access portal.
  • Once the Krafton inc. portal of BGMI appears on the screen, click on the Be a tester button to provide your consent for the Beta version.
  • Thereafter you will receive an update link to the Beta version. In case the gamers like you don’t receive the same. Don’t worry.
PUBG India Battleground Beta version
  • You may still go to the Playstore of your android device and in the search bar, Type Battlegrounds Mobile India
  • Once the search results appear on the screen, Click on the Install button as shown to you in the image below.
  • The file of 725 Mb will be downloaded in your android device.
BGMI early access beta version

Note: It is to be noted since the BGMI game is under Beta testing, therefore, some lags in the gameplay shall occur.

Click Here to Download BGMI Full Version

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PUBG India Battleground Beta installation and Customization

The gamers who once have the Battlegrounds India APK+ OBB installed in their android devices will be able to open and customize the settings so as to initiate the game. Well, to guide you we have given a set of process to initiate the runtime of the game:

  • Tap on the Android APK file of PUBG India Battleground on your device.
  • Now the Beta version will start opening on your device.
  • A message shall be displayed for granting the storage permission for overwriting game’s data. In case you haven’t given the consent, go to the Settings>> tap on the App permission >> Set it to functional.
BGMI permission grant
  • Next as per your convenience you may allow or deny the permission to access the photos and media in your device. Although Allowing is recommended from our side.
PUBG India Battleground Media access
  • Go through the privacy policies and accept the terms accordingly.
Privacy policy BGMI
  • Now The Gamer will be required to Login with Either Facebook or Twitter accounts . This is done so as to create the gaming name, link the same through the server and avoid the less runtime of being the guest player.
BGMI Login
  • Now the Beta game will be preparing the resources of the game. Let me tell all the gamers that even if the resources along with the complete OBB makes up for 725 mb, the slightest artifacts or purchase of other armors / costumes etc. shall lead to the increase of the file size in the disk/device.
Battlegrounds India resources
  • With all the preparation and customization , finally you will be on the homezone of your Awaited Game. Tap the Start button and get ready for the intense battle to begin with your fingers on the screen.
PUBG India Installation settings


Has the Beta version for PUBG India released?

Yes. Krafton Inc. has released the beta version of the PUBG India on 17th June, 2021/

From where can I download the Beta version of PUBG India?

The early access for PUBG India Beta can be availed through the link we have provided in this article or you may search out “PUBG” in your play store.

When will the Full version of the PUBG India be released?

Battlegrounds Mobile India has released the full version now.

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