PUBG Mobile: What is OP, AFK, GG, FPP, TPP

PUBG Mobile (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground) is one of the popular games among youngsters in India as well as other countries. The immense popularity of the game owes to the nice graphics within the game, a multiplayer battleground, tournaments, and various rewards.

PUBG Mobile Game

Apart from being an interesting game, the game consists of some of the abbreviations that are used within the game. These are called call-outs which the players use while playing. These call outs are an important form of conversation among the game players in PUBG as well as the other popular e-games.


We are sharing the Top 10 abbreviations that players generally used in these e-sports. Tell us your favourite in-game call-outs in the comment section.

What is the Meaning of Callouts/Abbreviations in PUBG?

We are enlisting below some of the abbreviations that are popular in the PUBG mobile and other e-game landscapes. If you are a player of the e-games, you can use these abbreviations next time you play the game.

#1- OP: OP is an abbreviation for Over Powered. It is used when any player defeats the enemy with expertise. It can also be used in general when someone plays well.

#2- HP: These are Health Points or Hit Points a player has taken. It denotes the maximum damage a player can take accordingly.

#3- TTP: It is used for a Third Person Perspective.

#4- FPP: It is First Person Perspective.

TPP and FPP are gaming modes displaying a first-person and a third-person vision to the players respectively.

#5- AFK: This abbreviation is used for Away From Keyboard. Generally used in case, where a player is away from the device he/ she is playing on. Reflecting that the player is still in the game but just away from the device. It can also be Mobile instead of Keyboard as well. So, it then becomes AFM.

#6- BRB: Be Right Back, is used to indicate that the player will be right back in the game soon.

#7- DC: It is used for Disconnection and denotes that the player has a connection problem due to the device or the internet.

#8- TY: It is quite a well-known abbreviation for Thnk You. In-game as well it is used as a sense of expressing appreciation to the team players.

#9- GG: It is an abbreviation for Good Game and is usually called out as a game is over. It is a gesture of gratitude and sportsmanship to the teammates.

#10- GLHF: It is another Sportsmanship term used for Good Luck Have Fun. Players usually use this term before the starting of the game.

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