RTPS Bihar: Income, Caste, Domicile & Residence Certificate Online Registration, Objectives, Eligibility & Benefits

RTPS Bihar: Income, Caste, Domicile & Residence Certificate Online Registration, Objectives, Eligibility & Benefits

The government of Bihar has initiated the RTPS Bihar portal. This will help you to get right to public service. According to the official statement by the authority, RTPS has launched the official portal to provide online services for certification.

According to this, candidates can apply for caste, income and domicile certificates through the online portal. Here in this article, we have provided detailed information related to RTPS Bihar. We have discussed the benefit, eligibility and procedure to get the income certificate, caste certificate and residence certificate in Bihar.


RTPS Bihar Residence Certificate Online Registration

Getting this document is very important for the residents. This will help in getting scholarship, admission in schools and other government jobs. Lots of benefits are available to those candidates who posses this certificate. Getting the certificate is not that complex process, it’s just the lack of online exposure the avoid people from registering online. Bihar government launched this service online to reduce the pressure on people for getting certificate. The online portal makes it much easier rather than the offline method. Candidates from all over India can apply for certificate if they are resident and have eligible documents.

RTPS Bihar Income Caste Certificate Resident Application Certificate

When we go a little back in time, there was no online service available. In that situation the people of the state had to visit the block division for this application. This was a very time-consuming process, the introduction of the online website makes it very easy and less time-consuming to apply for the same. Sometimes clerk and other employee ask for bribe to provide the certificate. To increase transparency in services, right to Public Service is launched by government of Bihar. The great step of introduction of RTPS Bihar was taken by the Bihar Sarkar. To get any certificate at home, this portal will play a vital role in getting services without any issue.

RTPS Bihar: Income, Caste, Domicile & Residence Certificate Online Registration, Objectives, Eligibility & Benefits

आरटीपीएस बिहार (सार्वजनिक सेवा का अधिकार) जाति, आय और निवास प्रमाण पत्र (आय, जाति, निवास प्रमाण पत्र आवेदन) आवेदन पत्र, ऑनलाइन आवेदन करें। बिहार सरकार ने राज्य के निवासियों को घर पर विभिन्न सेवाओं का लाभ प्रदान करने के लिए आरटीपीएस बिहार पोर्टल लॉन्च किया है। सार्वजनिक सेवा का अधिकार आरटीपीएस (सार्वजनिक सेवा का अधिकार) एक ऑनलाइन पोर्टल है जिसकी मदद से राज्य के सभी निवासी घर बैठे कई तरह के प्रमाणपत्रों के लिए आवेदन कर सकते हैं।

आय, जाति और निवास प्रमाण पत्र स्कूल में प्रवेश, छात्रवृत्ति आवेदन और अन्य सरकारी नौकरियों के लिए एक बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण दस्तावेज है। इसे ध्यान में रखते हुए, राज्य सरकार ने नागरिकों की सुविधा के लिए आरटीपीएस ऑनलाइन बिहार पोर्टल लॉन्च किया है। इस पोर्टल की मदद से, राज्य के प्रत्येक निवासी देश के किसी भी कोने से आय, जाति और निवास प्रमाण पत्र के लिए आवेदन कर सकते हैं।

Bihar Ration Card List 2021

Bihar Caste Certificate

For schedule caste, other backward class, economic weaker section and schedule tribe, this certificate is the most important certificate. Many government jobs provide reservations for these category candidates for the upliftment of these categories. To avail of this reservation, aspirants must possess caste certificate. To enjoy reservation in school, college and university candidates must have this certificate. Apart from this, many scholarship programs of the government sector ask for the caste certificate. The application for this form will also be done online in the upcoming months.

Bihar Income Certificate

This can be understood by a very recent and great example. The government of India has launched economic weaker section certificate. This will give 10% reservation to poor general category students. According to this, candidates income must be below 8 lakh per annum. For this scheme income certificate is mandatory. Candidates can collect this income certificate from block department, collector, sub divisional magistrate, revenue circle officer or any district authorities. RTPS will provide this income certificate through it’s online portal. All candidates need to upload their income source details to get this certificate. Apart from this, in order to avail ration under BPL, the income certificate is the most significant document.

Bihar Domicile Certificate

A person will not be able to avail of the benefits of the state if they do not have the resident certificate. A resident certificate is more commonly known as the domicile of the candidate. It depicts information regarding the candidate’s residence in a particular state. The candidate must have this resident certificate. To clarify that they are a resident of Bihar in order to get admission in government colleges and schools, this certificate is necessary. There are some jobs in Bihar Government that definitely need this resident certificate. Candidates can get residential certificates through the RTPS service online.

Documents Required To Apply Online

To get this income caste and residential certificate, candidates must visit the online portal or the online website of the RTPS website. We have provided the list of the important documents needed to register yourself online below. These documents will be necessary while filling out the application form. Read these documents and make sure to uphold them in order to get your certificate:-

For Income Certificate:-

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Residential certificate
  3. Certificate of age
  4. Income source certificate. It could be both job and Agriculture Income

For caste certificate:-

  1. Candidate must have identity proof such as voter ID card or passport or Aadhar card
  2. Ration card copy
  3. Residential certificate

For residence certificate:-

  1. Candidate must have ration magazine
  2. PAN Card
  3. Aadhar Card and
  4. Voter ID card

Benefits And Feature Of Right To Public Service Bihar Portal

There are many features that can be counted for RTPS Bihar. To fill the gap between the services, this program was launched. Some of the features of the right to Public Service are given below:-

  1. Now a resident of Bihar can apply for any certificate while sitting at home
  2. They do not need to visit the government offices or blocs for caste resident and income certificate
  3. All this documents can be made online
  4. Process to check the application status is also online
  5. So candidates can do this by sitting at their home
  6. These certificates are important for the admission in schools and colleges and taking up of jobs in Government sector.
  7. These documents are necessary for both state and Central level jobs
  8. Apart from this to get ration and other government benefited schemes, these certificates are very important.
RTPS websitehttps://serviceonline.bihar.gov.in/
RTPS LoginClick here

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for income caste and domicile certificate online?

These all documents can be applied online. Candidates have to visit the RTPS Bihar portal and fill in the information.

Does this provide any service to get a certificate immediate?

There is an immediate service of RTPS facility where the candidate can get any certificate in a day.

How verification of tatkal Seva is done to get immediate service?

Candidates have to follow tatkal Seva to get this service. They have to enter the call application ID while applying.

What is the procedure to check RTPS Bihar caste, resident certificate, E W S certificate?

To get status of the application, candidates have to enter the application ID on the official website.

What are the fees for Income certificates, residence certificates, and caste certificates get online?

There is no fee. Candidates can download it in PDF form and later on they can take a printout.

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