TEC CSC Certificate Apna CSC Center Online Apply 2022

TEC CSC Certificate: A common service center is basically a KIOSK center whereby the general citizens visit and avail of the services pertaining to the essential data such as accessing the government services, issuing of the certificates etc. Thus these CSCs are allotted basically to the Village Level Entrepreneurs who successfully pass the issuance of the TEL CSC Certificate. Through this article we guide the people who are willing to apply for the TEL CSC certificate with the eligibility, Registration, tracking the certificate, etc.

Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC)

Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC) is basically a course that facilitates the user to get certified through the certificate granted by the Common Service Centre academy. The course has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of Village Level Entrepreneurs who are willing to be legitimate VLE CSC providers. By the end of this course, a candidate will be able to get a KIOSK center opened whereby He/She shall be able to initiate the digital services on the basis of Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure.

TEC CSC Certificate Apna CSC Center Online Apply

These Entrepreneurs also imbibes to give the major permit to the citizens to access the digital platforms of their devices with respect to providing essential infrastructural development. The ultimate goal of the

Need for Telecentre Entrepreneur Course Certificate

TEC Course is to promote the mainstream Digital India initiative of the central government and promoting the youth with utmost support in the areas of providing healthcare, educational, public, social inclusion services. As of now these centers are quite common throughout the regions of the country and preferably called Common Service Centres. Thus, the grant of the Telecentre Entrepreneur Course certificate can be termed as a license to the Village Level entrepreneurs which makes them a legitimate Kisok service provider to the public.

The major benefit of the Telecentre Entrepreneur Course certificate is that is for the lifetime and its certification never expires. Also the firm registered of the applicant under the TEC CSC certificate shall not be merged with the other sibling firm as there will be the requirement of separate TEC certificate service with respect to the name of the applicant for the registration into the same.

Eligibility Principle for TEL CSC Certificate

To get selected for the TEL CSC Village Level Entrepreneurs parameter, following should be the principle to be managed:

  • Applicant must hold a Government Issued Identity Card such as Aadhar Card
  • A copy of Permanent Account Number(PAN CARD)
  • Age of the Applicant should be above 18 years
  • Applicant must have passed his secondary level examination
  • The candidate must hold the passport size photograph to be uploaded inside the Registration Form.
  • The candidate must possess the basic knowledge of Computer tools and media

How to Apply for TEL CSC Certificate?

All the budding entrepreneurs who want to get themselves registered for the TEL CSC certificate must undergo the procedure provided below:

  • Go to the official web portal of CSC.gov.in.
  • Once the homepage appears on the screen, navigate through the menu bar and tap on the Apply option under the bar.
TEC CSC Certificate Apply
  • Now a drop-down will appear whereby the applicant will need to click on the TEC Certificate.
  • The site will be redirected to the web portal of TEL CSC Certificate
  • Now the applicant must scroll down and Tap on the Login with Us hyperlink being displayed on the bottom right corner
TEC CSC Certificate Login
  • Now the site will be redirected where the applicant will be provided with the two options of Telecenter Entrepreneur Course and Certificate course in Entrepreneurship.
TEC CCE Registration
TEC CSC Certificate Application portal
  • Hereby in the above portal the Applicant will be required to provide the following information:
    • Name of the candidate
    • Mobile Number
    • Email address of the Applicant
    • Guardian or Spouse Name
    • Select the State and District from the Drop down
    • Provide the email address inside the textbox.
    • Gender of the Applicant
    • Date of Birth of the candidate as per the official records
  • Once the detail is entered, the applicant will be required to upload the passport size photograph not exceeding 50 Kb in the jpeg/jpg/png format.
  • At last enter the generated captcha inside the provided textbox and tap on the Submit button located on the bottom.
  • Now the Application portal will get redirected to the Payment Gateway of the TEL CSC.
  • The candidate will be required to do the payment of Rs 1479.72 as the registration fees which will be inclusive of Goods and Service Tax(GST).
  • Now the applicant will be redirected back to the home portal whereby inside the personalized dashboard a list of 10 modules will appear.
  • The candidate is ought to carefully pass the modules comprising the questions.
  • Once all the modules are passed successfully, the TEC CSC Certificate of the applicant will be generated.
  • Ultimately this TEC CSC Certificate will lead the applicant to the CSC Village Level Entrepreneur application.

How to Track the status of CSC Registration?

To check the status of CSC Registration once the applicant has applied successfully for the TEL CSC, the following procedure will be required:

TEC CSC Track Application page
  • Inside the Application Status section, the candidate will need to enter the Application Reference Number( created during the time of Registration). Post Application number, the Applicant needs to enter the generated captcha inside the textbox and click on the Submit button.
Track CSE Application portal
  • The Application status of the candidate of Common Service Centre portal will be displayed on the screen.

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TEL CSC Certificate Helpdesk

In case the applicants who have applied or willing to apply for Telecentre Entrepreneur Course under Common Service centre , they shall provide their queries and complaints inside the TEL CSC Certificate Helpdesk. The details of the Helpdesk undersigned is provided below:

Toll Free number( 1800-121-3468) Timing to call for the queries is allotted between 9:30 am to 6 pm. The users shall call from Monday to Saturday on the same time and on Sunday the services are closed

Also , the applicants/users shall write down their queries through mail also. The email address of the TEL CSC Certificate helpdesk is as follows: helpdesk@cs.gov.in

TEL CSC Certificate – Frequently Asked Questions

Ques-How much earnings shall a candidate do through the CSC center?

It majorly relies upon the fact that how well candidate utilizes the CSC Center services. Successful entrepreneurs are earning between Rs 20000-30000 at minimum volume.

Ques-Do we require any apprenticeship to qualify as Village Level Entrepreneur?

There is no requirement to undergo apprenticeship to qualify as Village Level entrepreneur. All you need is to successfully pass the parameters of eligibility.

Ques-Can we Register ourselves under Digital Seva if we do not have TEC CSC certificate?

It is mandatory for the user to have a TEC CSC certificate. Failing to have a valid registration under Digital Seva TEC will automatically deny the TEC CSC certificate.

Ques- Can the applicant below 18 apply for the TEC CSC Certificate?

No. The minimum age in order to be eligible for the certificate is 18 years.

Ques- What services does Common Service Centre provides to the applicants?

The CSC portal provides the facilitation of Healthcare, Agriculture, financial covers, Digital payment, Government to Customer and Business to Customer services to the applicants registered under it.

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