Third Wave of Corona in India, Date, Precaution Needed to Stay Safe

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With the level of the upsurge in the COVID cases and mutations in the virus, a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic is ready to hit the country. The country is currently experiencing a second wave of the covid-19 pandemic in the country. Also, it is very likely to undergo another wave of infection.

Through this article, we wish to provide some valuable information to the readers regarding the Third Wave of the Coronavirus. The new wave of the virus which is most certainly to be more asymptomatic may be dangerous to the newly born and kids below 18 years of age. Thus, learning better about the virus and precautions can save you.

Third Wave of Corona in India

As the number of coronavirus cases in the country is elevating among the kids, a new wave of the virus is essentially predicted to occur anytime soon. This Third Wave of Corona is particularly hazardous to the children in the country. With no available vaccination for them, it becomes essentially important that kids are kept safe in this pandemic situation.


The children may be highly susceptible to the newly mutated virus. Although, as per the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) the third coronavirus is less likely to primarily affect children severely. So, while the effect may not be hazardous to the kids but it sure to be infective enough.

Third Wave of Corona Date

As viral infection cannot be predicted a wave is basically the rise and fall in the number of cases of COVID-19. Therefore, a date or prediction about the occurrence of the virus is practically not possible. Although it is estimated that the wave may hit the country within a timeline of 2-3 months, nearby September 2021.


Thus, we do not know the exact time scale of the virus but we can always take precautions to avoid its spread. Check out some of the precautions you can take to save your loved ones from the destructive effects of the virus.

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Precaution Needed to Stay Safe- Third Wave of Corona

From what we have learned about coronavirus in these years, is that precaution is the only best available cure to the deadly disease. It is only our daily habits that will make a difference and keep us safe from the adversities of the disease. Here, we are presenting to you some precautions you can take to avoid getting infected by the coronavirus.

  • First and foremost wash your hands properly. You must clean your hands properly as your hands are exposed and touch various surfaces. Thus, to avoid the virus getting into your body, washing hands properly must be useful.
  • Make sure to use masks on a day to day basis. Also, avoid touching your mask to ensure no virus stays on your mask from your hands.
  • Using a hand sanitizer is very essential while handling objects to avoid getting in contact with the virus.
  • Maintain social distancing in public places. Avoid touching people as you may never know who becomes the carrier of the virus.
  • If any person you know is infected, make sure to maintain a distance of two yards.
  • If you are suffering from a cold or fever, always wear a mask. Cover your face to avoid infecting other people.
  • Avoid random walks and going out of the house to avoid infections from various sources.
  • Avoiding random gatherings or functional gatherings will prove to be a huge precaution against the spreading of the virus.
  • Lastly, get vaccinated to avoid deadly threats associated with the virus and to keep people around your protected as well.

What to do if the Symptoms Appear?


In case, anyone feels like he/ she is experiencing any of the symptoms even if they are mild make sure to:

  • Not roam around and infect other people.
  • Isolate yourself at the comfort of your home if the symptoms are not severe.
  • Infected people must not share bathrooms, clothes, utensils, bedding or any other material with other people in home isolation.
  • Get yourself tested and until tested follow isolation norms considering yourself positive for the virus.
  • Do not take any medicine without the guidance of any medical practitioner.
  • Also, avoid the use of oxygen cylinders without the guidance of a doctor.
  • If the infected person is a young child and needs a caretaker, make sure the people surrounding the child always wear a mask.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will there be a third wave of Corona in India?

There is no predicted timeline as to when the infection may start. Although it is estimated that now after the second wave, the third wave may start infecting people anytime soon.

What are the common symptoms for the third wave of corona?

The symptoms of the new wave will be somewhat similar to the primary symptoms associated with the virus including loss of taste, headache, chills, body ache, fatigue, muscle pain fever, breathlessness, sore throat etc.

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