TN e-Registration Apply Online Curfew Lockdown Epass Status

TN e-Registration Apply Online Lockdown Epass Status: Due to the ongoing deadly wave of COVID-19 , the current DMK government lead by MK Stalin made the announcement on 8th May,2021 to impose the 14 days curfew throughout the state from 10th May till 24th May 2021. Thus, the lockdown will carry rigid restrictions for the civilians and the essential commodity workers. This article guides the Applicant throughout the Eligibility, overview, registration criteria of the Tamil Nadu ePass

About TN ePass

TN ePass is a digital cum printed certificate generated by the Tamil Nadu State government to the citizens or professionals who are out in the public areas in case of emergency or essential services to be delivered. Hence, the TN ePass is issued to the intra/inter/international citizens for emergency situations and can be scanned via QR code scanner by the forces deployed to provide the hurdle-free movement to the citizens. For the civilians the TN Government has conveyed to stay safe at home and not apply for the ePass irrelevantly.

TN ePass cover

Eligibility criteria for TN ePass

Provided below is the list of the citizens who will need to apply for the TN ePass:

  • Officials deployed under Government duty
  • Forces needed under Emergency situations of Police/Firemen/Water etc.
  • Associates of essential Financial segments like Banks, Insurance, etc.
  • Patients who have booked their Appointment with the medical practitioners.
  • Casualty or emergency occurrence in the civilians family

Exemption under TN ePass

Provided below are the citizens who doesn’t need to issue the Tamil Nadu ePass:

  • Citizens associated with the Farming or Animal husbandry
  • Intra/Inter state transporters of the essential goods
  • Individuals who are related to agriculture or animal husbandry
  • Essential commodity workers

Note: The above professionals must carry their Valid Identity proof and the civilians who aren’t falling in either of the above category are strictly restricted to make the TN ePass.

Overview of TN ePass

Name of the articleTamil Nadu ePass
Issuing authorityTamil Nadu State Government
AimTo safeguard the interests of essential service providers during COVID-19 wave
BenefitsGrants access to the Registrants to have no hindrance in the movement throughout the state
Official website

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How to Register for TN ePass?

The Tamil Nadu government is issuing the ePass to the citizens on the basis of Intra mobility and Interstate/International mobility under 3 categories:

  • Vehicle ePass
  • Passengers ePass(Train/Flight)
  • Guest Workers ePass Registration

Via Vehicle ePass (Intra Mobility)

Vehicle ePass is a document permit in a digital cum physical form that is issued by the TN Government to the citizens who own a vehicle and are out on the public areas due to the emergency or for essential service. The Vehicle ePass is granted to the applicants within the boundaries of the state. Provided below is the procedure that will guide the citizens to Register themselves for the Vehicle ePass:

  • Visit the Official website of Tamil Nadu service portal.
  • The homepage will appear on the screen followed by the Vehicle ePass Application portal.
  • Inside the ePass Application portal, the various segments will appear in order which the citizen is required to fill.
  • The initial section will be of Applicant Details. In this the Applicant will need to enter the following details:
    • First and Last Name
    • Contact Number
    • Date of Birth
    • E-mail address
    • Applicant type( whether Public or private)
TN ePass vehicle Applicant details
  • Next the address section will appear in which the following details will be required to enter:
    • House No./Lane of the applicant
    • Landmark of the region
    • Select the District from the Drop-down menu
    • Select the Tehsil in which the Applicant’s residence comes under
    • Nearby Police station
    • Post Office
    • Pin code of the area

Once the Address section is completed . Move on to the next Pass Details section and enter the following information of vehicles:

  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Choose Vehicle type from the Drop-down( whether two wheeler, four wheeler or heavy Motor vehicle)
  • Journey type( Whether one way or a round trip)
  • Travel Purpose( Whether Medical /Grocery distribution/On Government duty/other relatable essential)
  • Pass Date(Active since)
  • Pass Date(Active till)
  • Origin of Route
  • Destination of Route
  • Once the above details are mentioned , provide the elaborated reason for the Travel inside the textbox and move on to the last section.
TN ePass Address  details
  • Now in the Members section , Applicant will need to add the numbers of Member travelling along with mention of Name, Age and Mobile Number.
  • Lastly, Tick mark the undertaking, go through the terms of Declaration stating you provide your consent and finds the details entered to be true and will be liable to legal action if the provided details comes as wrong.
Member declaration

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Tamil Nadu Passengers ePass (Interstate/International Mobility)

The TN ePass for Passengers is granted by the state government of Tamil Nadu to the citizens coming from the other states of India or from the countries abroad. Applicants falling under this category shall register themselves through the phenomena provided below:

  • Visit the TN ePass Registration Website
  • Once the homepage is displayed, Enter your Mobile Number and Captcha number for authentication and Tap on the Send OTP button located on the bottom.
  • A One time password will be sent to your mobile number which is to be provided inside the textbox.
TN ePass Inter state registration portal
  • Once verified the Traveller in the next page needs to choose whether He/She is coming from other states or from the foreign country as shown in the image below.
TN ePass travel select
  • On tapping the preferred section, the 3 modes of ePass registration will appear.
TN registration ePass section
  • Applicants need to enter choose the Individual/Group via Train/Flight section as denoted with the arrow below
TN ePass train flight navigation
  • Next the Passenger needs to Select His mean of convenience either Train or Domestic Flight
TN ePass select transport

Via Train

  • Clicking on the Train will lead the Registrant to the Application portal.
  • Inside the Application Portal Applicant will need to provide the following details:
TN ePass Train Registration form
  • Railway details such as:
    • Origin Railway station
    • Destination railway station
    • Hardcopy of the train’s ticket
    • Passenger Name record(PNR) number
    • Departure and Arrival Date & time respectively
  • Once the details are filled sign the undertaking as per the choice denoting that the Passenger facilities for Self Quarantine or Want to quarantine on government’s containment zone Or the Passenger carries the booked Vehicle details once the train reaches the destination.
  • At last, add if there remains any additional information to be provided from Passenger’s end and Click on the Next button.
TN ePass train Registration form

Via Flight

Once the Passengers chooses the Domestic Flights, then an Important note will appear before the Application portal asking to choose the International Flight option in case the Applicant has arrived in Tamil Nadu from abroad prior 7 days . To proceed to the application portal, Click on the Continue button appearing on the bottom.

TN ePass Important note
  • Inside the Application Form provide the personal details in the initial section
TN Flight Registration form
  • Thenafter in the similar way in case of Train Details, Hereby the Applicant will need to provide the following details pertaining to Flight:
    • Flight Number
    • Seat Number
    • Flight’s origin Airport Name
    • Destination Airport Name
    • A hardcopy of the Flight Ticket for uploading
    • PNR Number
    • Flight’s Departure and Arrival( Date & Time)
  • Tick mark the Declaration and Click the Next button.
TN ePass flight Registration form
  • In both the Train or Flight Application form, the next button will lead to the Step 2 in which the Applicant will have to provide the decentralised details of the state
TN ePass Registration travel
  • Thenafter the Address detail will accompany which once filled need to be Clicked on the Next button
TN ePass Registration travel part
  • The last section of Document will appear. Here in the tabular representation , Applicant will have to upload the relevant document and click on the submit button.
TN ePass Document section
  • A Terms and Conditions will appear which once read needs to be clicked with Accept and Continue button.
TN ePass Registration T&C
  • The details of Successful registration will appear on the screen as shown below
TN ePass Registration success
Sample registration notice bar
  • On tapping the View button , the TN ePass Registration application will appear on the screen which can be saved digitally and downloaded also to obtain hardcopy for authentication references.
TN ePass Complete Application form

TN Guest Workers ePass Registration (Inter State Mobility)

The Tamil Nadu Guest Workers ePass is the digital/physical certificate that is issued and granted to the migrant labourers who are occupied in Tamil Nadu from the other states of India. Below is the procedure to guide the applicant to register for the TN Guest Workers ePass:

  • Inside the TN Guest Workers ePass Window, Applicant is required to tap on the third and the bottom section of Guest Workers under Tamil Nadu from Other states
TN guest workers registration navigation
  • In the next page, the 2 options will appear in which the Applicant will have to Tap on Fill Details manually.
Guest workers travel application
  • The website will be redirected to the Application portal of TN Guest Workers ePass Registration . To fill up the Registration form, the registrant will need to provide the following details:
    • Name of the organization under which employed
    • Address of the Organization
    • State of the Applicant
    • District of the Registrant
    • Block and Pin code respectively
    • Organization ID Proof and Number respectively
    • A xerox of the Organisation proof less than 500 kb needs to be uploaded in doc/docx/pdf/png/jpg/jpeg
  • Review all the details entered and Tap the Submit button to successfully register for the Guest Workers ePass.
Guest workers travel application form

TN ePass FAQs

What is the objective of launching TN ePass?

The core aim of issuing the TN ePass is to grant secure and hassle free access to the civilians and essential service providers in the public area

For how many days does the Government of Tamil Nadu has announced the Lockdown

The government of Tamil Nadu has announced the Lockdown in whole state for 2 weeks from 10th May to 24th May.

What are the categories allotted under TN ePass generation?

The Tamil Nadu ePass is issued in 3 different categories:
For Vehicles
For Passengers
For guest workers

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