Windows 11 ISO File Download [32/ 64 Bit] Link: System Requirements, Features

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A new version of Windows has been released by Microsoft. The company has made official announcements for the release of the new version. Windows users will be able to download this new version of windows from the official website of the company. By far the event has been scheduled for the launch of the windows under which users will get all information about the new windows.

Thus, in this article, we are detailing below all about the Windows 11 ISO File Download 32/ 64 Bit version. Users can get information on the release date, new features, system requirements for the update, and more in the post. Also, new users can know how to download and install the update on their devices in the post.

MicroSoft Windows 11 Special Highlights

Article onWindows ISO File Download
Windows VerisonWindows 11 32/ 64 bit
Launching OrganisationMicrosoft Corporation
Official Website of the
New Windows Launch Announcement24th June 2021 (11 am)
Official Windows 11 Launch date (India)5 October 2021

Windows 11 ISO File Download 32/ 64 Bit

Since 2015, Microsoft has not come up with a newer version other than that of Windows 10. As soon as there is a new update to the systems of windows 10, the users can expect updates in the earlier versions as well. The new update to the version can be expected similar to the earlier versions except with a UX refresh.


Windows 11 will consist of a power and security system similar to Windows 10. Although there have been changes in the design of the Windows. Users will get new and refreshing looks, tools, apps, sounds, etc. There have been considerations on the details to give a new experience to the Users.

Features have been added and designed in a way that they are suited to any of the user devices. The launch date of the update has not yet been specified by the authorities. The release can be expected anytime for all the users. Users with devices of 32 and 64 bit OS can download the Windows 11 installation file as soon as it is out.

Windows 11 Free Leak

A piece of news rumored around the time as the new windows were set for the launch. With the leak information users were able to access some of the updates associated with Windows 11. Users were able to make some UI changes in their system. Details on the windows 11 features and new changes were leaked on the internet.

The leaked install is available on the internet for Windows 11 64 bit yet it is not suggested to install any such unauthorized updates on your devices. It may also cause system damages. So, it is best to know that ant such an update leaked may not be safe. Also, downloading the Windows 11 OS will come with a price so free leaks are not reliable. Free up-gradation of the windows will only be accessible to the users of Windows 10.

Windows 11 Features

The new windows update comes along with some exciting features. Users can check some of the features of New Windows 11 below.

Start MenuThere will be a centred start menu and a taskbar. Also, a centred Search window will be the special feature of the update.
Task Bar and WidgetsThere is a New Menu Bar, Task Bar, and other Widgets of news, weather updates, etc.
Trendy Look In windows 11, users will now see Round corners instead of the usual pointed corners. Trendy and new-looking icons are a part of the update.
Snap ControlsFor multitasking, Split screens and grouping features have been added.
Wallpaper and SoundsIn the new update, there have been sound changes and interface changes unusual to any other windows updates. New Icons, wallpapers available in File Explorer.
New OOBEFor easy connection to a WiFi network. setting up the new pin and sign up for Microsoft.
Terminal WindowAccessible with a right-click on the device screen. The New Update also consists of some creative animations within the windows OS.

The developers of the Windows 11 released all the updates on this new version of windows on the 24th of June 2021. The company has listed down all the features and modifications to be expected with the new version. Although the official release of the Windows 11 32/ 64 bit may be done anytime later in this year only.

All the testings related to the new upgraded version of the windows have been wrapped up. So, the release can be sooner. Until then users interested in this new update can check all about it on the official website of Microsoft. All the features and additional information has been provided on the platform.

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How to Install Upgrade to Windows 11?

Users who already possess the version of Windows 10 on their devices can directly update the system to Windows 11. You can do this by visiting the official website of Microsoft and simply installing the update. The users otherwise can follow the steps detailed below.

  • Go to the Microsoft Corporation official website to download the update. A link to the website is given in the sections below.
  • Download the Windows 11 ISO File Free full version on a compatible hard disk or any other device similar to that.
  • Upon downloading, boot the system/ device without intimating any changes to the system.
  • The new Windows 11 will be flashed in the drive, click on the Start button.
  • Now your device will be ready to insert on any device you need to install the update.
  • Press the Boot Key and Restart the entire system.
  • The new Windows 11 Installation process will start.
  • Set preferences of time, language, etc, and Install Windows 11 on your user device.

Windows 11 System Requirements

Users who are willing to install the newer version of Windows, i.e., Windows 11 on their devices definitely go through the requirements of the new version.

Hard Disk Space64 GB or more
Memory4 GB or more
Processor1 GHz  or more with a compatible 64-bit processor.
DisplayHD 720 p (>9” diagonally, 8 bits per color channel)

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Check System Compatibility Online

Users can also take a compatibility test which also is released by the authorities soon. Thus, users can check whether or not they can install Windows 11 on their devices. There are no updates on the same yet. But as soon as it is out users can run the test and check the compatibility of their device with the new windows version. Users can check for new updates on the official website of the company.

compatibility check
Windows 11 ISO Direct Download LinkDownload
Free Update Windows 10Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date of the Windows 11 32/64-bit version releasing in India?

The 32/64 bit version of Windows 11 will be out later in the year 2021. Although compatible device owners with windows 10 OS can download the update now as well.

Is Windows 11 32/64 bit version paid?

No. the new windows update by the developers will be available for free to the Windows 10 users.

What are the system requirements for downloading the windows 11 32 bit version on a PC?

The windows 11 32 bit version will be compatible with the PC if the available RAM space on your device ranges from anywhere between 4 GB to 64 GB.

I am a Windows 10 user, when can I install windows 11 on my device?

If you are using Windows 10 and your device is compatible with the update then users can download the install on their device.

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  1. What is the release date of the Windows 11 32/ 64 bit version releasing in India?

    The 32/64 bit version of Windows 11 will be out later in this year 2021. Although compatible device owners with windows 10 OS can download the update now as well.


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